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RED the ending

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The Invincible Brothers

We were rushed by people asking questions, snapping photos, and shoving microphones in our faces; we hurried in the building. Two guards shoved the doors open as we got to the top of large, wide stairs. “It is crucial that we have the boys on our side for our campaign to last.” I heard from the large group of representatives sitting behind us. Autumn and Sunset sat in chairs attached to the walls near the doors. Rain and I sat in the middle of a large circle of chairs and desks, the specter stood
Once I post Trial of the Demon you guys'll understand why I constantly include things like bonds between siblings.
beside me with her arms crossed and her sickle tilting on the inside of her elbow . The representatives for the United States and United Kingdom sat down in front of us, a small table separated my brother and I from them. The meeting was started and the two of us were bombarded with questions. Order was restored and the room became quiet. “We are here today to discuss the initiation of Wolf Setaki and Rain Setaki as super soldiers for the United Nations to help end the war on terror.” The rep. for the U.S. announced. “Before we ask you two if you are willing to join let me show you these.” The rep. for the U.K. said with a funny accent as he handed a folder to Rain who graciously accepted it. He opened it then filed through photos. After he was done looking at them he handed the folder over to me. The first photo had two marine snipers hiding in a bush. The second had a terrorist holding an AK above his head. The third and final one had a dead woman lying on a street and a baby crying by her side. “Now that you’ve got a little taste of the war, what do you say? Are you guys willing to bare the U.N. patch on your sleeves?” The rep. for the U.S. asked. “Let me talk to my brother.” I replied. Most of the people looked shocked to hear me speak for the first time. Rain and I began to consult in hushed tones. “I think we should.” I said. “Why? All were going to do is help a bunch of pricks kill a bunch of other pricks.” Rain replied. “These guys don’t seem half bad. Besides I’ve fought those bastard terrorists at their home town. They need our help.” I pleaded. “No turning back.” Rain said. “No turning back.” I repeated. “Alright we’ll do it.” Rain said. Everyone started cheering. We signed several contracts then waited as tons of people surrounded us to try and shake our hands.
“So we’re going to be assigned to the 101st airborne for our first tour of combat.” Rain said as we rode to the airport. “They are located at?” I asked him. “Half of the base is in Kentucky, the other half is in Tennessee.” He replied. “We’re leaving for their today.” He said. Everyone nodded. “How many times are you going to bring that up?” Sunset asked. She and Rain gave each other sour looks then everyone started arguing.
Once we had gotten to the airport we got to our terminal then we all spread out in different directions. Truthfully there was a reason why I preferred working alone and that was because I couldn’t stand staying too long with people. I mean Autumn was my best friend, but after a while I need some time to myself. I don’t think Autumn liked that. Also, I had no idea what was going on with Rain and Sunset. So it was just me on my own for a short period of time, but on my own. The feeling of self-independence left me as I started to feel like I was being followed, or stalked. It’s just me, came through my thoughts. I jumped. Don’t do that again, I sent back to the specter. Sorry, she replied.
After fifteen minutes of wandering around I started back for the terminal. The three were already standing in front of the terminal doors waiting for me. Once I got there we silently walked in skipping the long line. “Hey!” the attendee said who was checking tickets. We flashed our U.N. badges and continued in, trough the walkway, and sat down in the first class section. At this point I’m kind of blank on the events that occurred, I think it’s because I was asleep. I do remember, though, seeing a flight attendee say goodbye as the five of us walked out of the airport. Once we had gotten out we were greeted by a convoy of three humvees with 50 caliber machine guns mounted and crews of soldiers dressed in full uniforms; helmet, knife, bullet-proof vest, and all. All were full except for the third one which only had the driver and gunner. The specter decided that she should store herself in my mind; before I could protest she was already in the back of my head, literally. We were greeted by a SGM Falker. He and all the other soldiers bore the screaming eagles patch on their arms, some had Ranger, or Special Forces added on also. We proceeded in silence to the base. It had been roughly thirty minutes when we reached the gate. It was about two O’clock. Once we had settled down and gotten our detachment, housing, and school figured out, yeah we were going to school; we started getting ready for the next day. Falker, who we had all taking a liking to and who had been seeing to us, would act as our guardian; the U.N. was our sponsor. Rain, Sunset, and Autumn were going in to the eighth grade; I would be in the seventh. Lucky me, I thought.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 13 Next »

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