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RED the ending

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The Sickness

My eyes shot open, I felt a cool chill run up my spine. I was facing the wall, lying sideways. I turned to the other side to be greeted by a hooded character holding a huge reaper style sickle and clutching a sword that was belted to its waist. It stood beside my bed staring at me blankly; I was unable to see into the dark hood. I noted that both of its hands were human like and had pale skin. Isn’t the reaper, I thought. “Please sit down.” I said to the stranger, it spoke no words nor did
This was based on an actual sickness i get every other year.
it move an inch. “Well if you don’t mind I’m going back to sleep.” I said turning towards the wall once again. I gripped my chain and sickle which was concealed under my pillow. The stranger drew the hand it had on its sword and slowly moved it towards me. I quickly turned around as I flipped my sickle at the intruder. It was too late, though. The stranger had a pointy finger on the center of my forehead. “Crap.” I cursed as thousands of whispering voices raced through my head. Another hooded figure appeared in my head, but this one had skeletal hands and sharp bone decorating its shoulders and neck. My body began to shake violently. I came back to existence then started to puke. The specter stood beside me. “I see.” I said as I stood up and wiped my mouth with my sleeve. During the events which had happened earlier the figure explained to me that it was a friend. It had also said some stuff about it being here to protect me and that I could save it, yada yada. It said that the figure I saw was created by me and was known as the skull, the specter was sent to protect me from the skull by destroying it. Apparently the skull was the reason that I was able to use the rare ability of mind control on my nemesis’s, and every time I used this ability the skull grew more powerful. The specter explained that when the skull was defeated she would replace him temporarily as I created a new form to bare the power. Yeah, the specter’s a girl.
The specter drew its blade. We were in the depths of my mind. I felt a glancing pain in my left eye as if thousands of knives were being jabbed into it. I fell to my knees as I clutched my eye. At that moment the skull popped up behind the specter and I. the specter blocked a blow from the skull’s huge sword. The two began to engage in furious combat. I rolled around the ground as the pain worsened; my body began to shake violently. “Bastard!!” I yelled as I rose to my feet and lashed my sickle cutting the skull’s hand off along with it his sword. It shrieked in pain as it clutched its arm. The specter lashed at the skull’s neck, the head fell backwards and slung in the hood. I slowly calmed down then put my sickle in my jacket. The specter nodded at me, I had just realized if I hadn’t cut off the skull’s hand he would’ve stricken the specter which had fell to the ground. “No problem.” I said. Then everything went black.
I woke up, the specter was sitting in a rocking chair beside my bed, she waved at me. “Good morning to you too.” I said as I sat up in my bed. The door to my room flung open as Autumn ran into the room, right through the specter, and hugged me by the neck, she kissed me on the cheek several times then hugged me some more. Apparently she can’t see the specter, I thought. “Are you alright I heard you yelling and screaming last night.” She said looking at me. She had fully healed and her green eyes were as beautiful as ever. “Yeah, you’re looking pretty good yourself.” I said. “I always look good.” She replied winking at me. The specter shook her head. I got out of bed. I had bandages across my chest. I threw on some socks and a shirt then got my jacket which was hanging on the back of the rocking chair, the specter stood up as I did so. Autumn walked out the room, followed by me, and I in turn was followed by the specter.
When we reached the living room Rain and his girlfriend Sunset were waiting by the front door. Autumn grabbed her jacket and began to put it on. “We don’t have a ton of time to talk. You and I are going to have a meeting with the U.N. and decide if we should help them or bare our power against them. Don’t say anything offensive or stupid. These wusses take everything seriously, no jokes.” Rain said as he briefed me. “Good morning to you as well. Yes, I did have a nice sleep. Oh, and by the way I loved how you showed up late.” I said sarcastically to my older brother. Rain started to laugh as the five of us walked out the door. There was a black stretch limousine outside waiting for us. Rain entered first, and then Sunset, then Autumn, I waited as the specter got in and sat away from everyone. “Hurry up Wolf we don’t have all day.” Autumn snickered. I got in then sat next to Autumn. I gazed out the window as we drove to the world trade center. There were huge skyscrapers and tons of people filled the sidewalks, the streets were just as congested. We slowly made our way through Queens and into Manhattan. We stopped out of a towering building, tons of news crews and paparazzi were being held back by security men and representatives made their way into the building with huge double doors. “You guys ready?” Rain asked as he looked at all of us, we all nodded. “Let’s rock.” He said as he opened the door and took a step out.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 13 Next »

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