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RED the ending

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Where am I?

As I slowly came to I noticed a hot scorching feeling all around my body. Instead of opening my eyes I sorted through my thoughts to try and find out what exactly had happened. I had remembered that Autumn had said we were crossing the Middle East region, but not what country. The noise I had heard before that went out must have been some kind of explosive, I thought. We were targeted, but why a passenger airliner. So many questions flew through the darkness I called my thoughts. I owe Autumn for mentioning about the Middle East, I thought. Autumn! I thought, my eyes shot open. Beads of sweat fell off my brow as I flipped my head to the right, then left. I stopped my panicking when I saw her laying their next to me. Her eyes fluttered open. “Are we dead, yet?” she asked me, as we both propped ourselves on our elbows. “No, not yet.” I replied looking around. “Shouldn’t we be dead?” she asked looking at me. I checked for all my equipment. My lower backpack, I thought to myself as I felt for it. The larger pack remained fastened to my back. I looked over at pieces of fragments blowing through the air. “So that’s what it was.” I said aloud, Autumn looked at me as if I were crazy. “Was what?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face. “My backpack was a parachute. It had probably popped open after the concussion emitted by the explosion, luckily I had grabbed onto you before I had floated out.” I said explaining the events. “I would’ve been dead.” She said looking down at the hot, blistering sand. “Where’s the bastards that shot us down.” She said as she pulled out a desert eagle and snapped a mag in. I held her back, “before we go on a killing spree we should find the crash site and search for survivors.” I said. “Fine.” She said as she reconciled her weapon in her sweater, after which she took off her jacket and let it float away. I took off mine revealing a leather belt and weapon straps, most sockets were filled with throwing knives and shuricken stars. One large space was devoted to my chain and sickle. I tied my jacket around my waist. “Shall we?” Autumn asked. “Roger.” I said as we headed forward.
After following the scent of burning fuel for several hours we came to the site of the crash. We both sat down under a large piece off the hull which had been torn out. Escaping the brutal sun felt good. Autumn leaned against me as she gulped down water from my canteen which had been packed in my bag. She held it to me. “Finnish it.” I said to her. “Don’t you go and think that I’m a burden, because I so happen to be a super soldier remember.” She said as she drank the rest of the cold liquid. Her hand dangled to the ground and her head sloped back onto my shoulder, I looked at her. Autumn had her eyes shut. My head snapped back to the front as I picked up the scent of soldiers. Can’t be friendlies, I thought. As I got up, Autumn fell backwards to the ground. “Wait here.” I said as I walked off, “I didn’t plan on leaving.” Autumn replied, her eyes still shut as she lay on the ground in the shade. I had planned on ambushing the soldiers, but the start of the fight didn’t go as planned. The soldiers were expecting survivors, so when I had moved three meters out of my striking range they had let loose their AK47’s on me. Of course due to my style of fighting I interpreted this before it happened and dodged the bullets with ease by performing a frontal aerial flip. During the descent to the ground I drew my chain and sickle. When I landed I had already chopped up the soldiers with lethal accuracy, my weapon dangled as blood dripped from the tip. A whole army of surprised insurgents looked at me. I had stumbled into their camp. “Fort look outs.” I said referring to the men I had just killed, as I stepped over their bodies. I charged at the men baring my teeth and weapon.
This fight was going on for too long. It had been nearing an hour and I had only cut up about a quarter of the garrison. I was on the brink of exhaustion. Due to my style of fighting which was quick, accurate, stealthy, and powerful; my energy was running flat. Because of this these average day soldiers were able to bring me to my limit. There’s too many, I thought to myself as I chopped through soldiers. That’s when I saw him. A man who seemed to be the general stepped into the open, revealing himself to me for the first. I had heard him barking out orders and had picked up his scent, but I never saw him until then. He was a stout figure; he was the only soldier bearing a helmet. He had an AK47 strapped to his back; he wielded a curved blade of Arabian origin. I clenched my teeth, when I noticed the blade, baring my K9s. He drew the blade then approached me cautiously. I whipped my sickle around striking down all in range. The sickle flipped in front of the general, several of his men pulled him back. He had missed the fatal blow by mere centimeters, a later reaction and his jugular vein would’ve been sliced open. I preformed a front flip dodging several volleys of bullets, amidst my mid air move I lashed at the general. This time I hit him, but it was only a small cut in the arm; the man grasped the wound and cursed at me in Arabic. Once I caught site of the blood on my sickle I started running out of energy, soon I felt like giving up. I lashed wildly at troops holding them back, but my moves slowed and the general which had sneaked behind me hand landed a blow across my spine on my back. I winced at the pain and I started to feel tingly, I brushed the wound aside. I closed both of my eyes. I opened my left eye, revealing the timber wolf colored weapon that was bestowed upon me by my elders. At that moment I had begun the Setaki ocular style of fighting. I tore through men with immense force, precision, and with incredible speed. This would only last a period of roughly three minutes. I repeated the process four times, soon my left eye started to bleed due to overuse. I fell to my hands and knees and began to puke. The general, which had surprisingly survived my rampage, stood before me and raised his blade high. I looked at him and smirked then I dipped my head as I threw up some more. The blade began to fall to wards my neck.
At that moment a bullet rang out shattering the general’s blade to pieces, seeing the opening I took my sickle to his leg as I stood up, I then lashed at his neck. Since you very well know the fate of the general, I find it unnecessary to go into description. I stepped over the bloody carcass then fell to the ground. I gazed at Autumn who had saved me with that shot of hers. She performed cartwheels and barrel rolls, nothing too fancy, as she shot the remaining soldiers to bits. She stood atop of me and started to laugh. “Not as hot as you said you were, huh.” She said smiling down at me, at that moment a half dead soldier fired a single round at Autumn. I pulled her by the collar and flipped my sickle at the soldier at the same time. When the bullet hit Autumn I felt the concussion, she fell lifelessly to the ground on top of me. As for the soldier, my blade lacerated across his chest, large amounts of blood gushed out. Autumn was not dead, as you may be hoping. The reason I knew this was because I felt her heart beating quickly. I grasped her wound and applied pressure disabling the loss of blood. I used my free hand to tear off part of the bottom of my shirt and carefully wrapped it around her. She was unconscious so I would have to carry her. I stood up and took Autumn in my arms. I have to remember to ask you how much you weigh; I thought to myself as I lifted Autumn off the ground, her head sloped back and her long brown hair dragged across the sand making a smooth looking texture. After getting lost I had decided using my scent and vision would be impossible due to the lack of energy, overuse, and damage to those areas. I would have to depend on my right eye and my ears. I had wandered for what seemed like hours. My arms and legs grew heavy, just a little further, I thought to myself. That was no use though I fell to the ground, Autumn fell beside me. Her right arm was strewn over my chest and she was facing me. Parts of her hair were blowing in the wind. Her lips were touching my right cheek. Probably uses lotion, I thought to myself as I complimented her soft skin then smirked. Still to this day I wonder how I was and am still able to think of the most bizarre things in the direst of situations. Now continuing on with the story, at that moment I fell unconscious. I awoke to the sound of a whooshing noise. I was meted by the sight of my brother Rain and his girlfriend Sunset, several Blackhawk gunships circled above us. “What took you so long?” I said to Rain smirking. He and Sunset started laughing, Rain hoisted me up. “Good to see you too little bro.” he said. I picked up Autumn, still unconscious, from the ground. “Let’s go.” I said as we started for a Blackhawk.
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