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The King of the Werwolves

Author's note: READ THIS!!! I started writing this in sixth grade and finished it a year ago, and it is also...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: READ THIS!!!

I started writing this in sixth grade and finished it a year ago, and it is also at a lower writing level than other books.

I will ask you the same question I asked for the Legend of the Batbark Woods: SHOULD I REWRITE THIS BOOK??? PLEASE ANSWER!!!

P.S. It might take you a while to decide, considering this book is REALLY long!  « Hide author's note
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I Lost a Tooth

No one said a word for the first few minutes on the way home. There was a long silence.
Various thoughts screamed at Miles in his head. He was shrouded in confusion from the incident between his dad and Cal’s mom.
Then finally, Miles broke the silence. “What exactly was that all about?”
Miles’s dad didn’t even look at Miles when he answered. “Don’t breathe a word of this to Katrina. That woman was my…”
“Your what?”
More silence. “My…”
Someone loses a tooth in this chapter. Yay. Exciting. There's more behind it, trust me.
Miles’s dad mumbled something under his breath that Miles couldn’t understand. It sounded like, “…ma uxwif…”
“Just tell me, Dad.”
There was more silence, and then Miles’s dad sighed and answered, “That woman back there is my ex-wife.”
Miles’s eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. “CAL’S MOM IS YOUR EX-WIFE?!!!!?????” Miles screamed at the top of his lungs, being very surprised and very confused.
“MILES! Stop shouting!” Miles’s dad demanded. “You’re gonna make me lose control!”
Miles had forgotten that his dad was driving. “Sorry…but she really is your WIFE?”
“So that means…Cal is my BROTHER???”
Miles’s head fell against the seat. “This is the weirdest thing I’ve experienced my whole life besides that freak forest.” Miles murmured.
“Now remember, don’t tell a word of this to Katrina, all right?” Miles’s dad instructed.
“All right,”
“And I don’t want you to talk to Cal again. It could spell disaster. You got that?”
Miles thought about it for a moment. He remembered how nice Cal was. He remembered how good of a friend he had been.
Finally, he said, “No promises, Dad.”
Miles followed his dad into the house, and they were warmly welcomed by Katrina, who was doing her homework at the grand wooden dining table in the dining room.
“Hi, Miles! Hi, Dad!” Katrina’s warm smile turned into a questioning look when she saw Miles. “Miles…are you okay? You…look pretty shaken up.”
Before Miles could say anything, his dad stepped in. “Uh, Miles is fine. There’s nothing to worry about here.”
Miles’s dad had done a pretty bad job of hiding his secret, and Katrina narrowed her eyes at him as if she thought something was wrong. “Yeah…right…”
Miles sat down at the dining table and thought of some way to change the subject. “So…what’s for dinner?”
“Um…haven’t thought of it yet.” Miles’s dad replied. “You guys want anything?”
“Burgers? On the grill? That would be great.” Miles suggested.
“Okay…better fire it up, then!” Miles’s dad strode up the stairs to the deck where the grill was.
Once he was gone, Katrina leaned in close to Miles. “I know something happened. What happened?”
Miles knew Katrina like this. She was always very curious and wanted to know a secret if anyone had any, and Miles did.
Miles sighed heavily and muttered quietly to Katrina, “Do NOT tell Dad I told ya this.”
“I swear I will not tell Dad.”
“All right…I met this new kid at school today. His name’s Cal Reedason. I became friends with him and Randall did too, but today, when Dad came to pick me up, something really wacky happened.”
“What happened?”
“Cal was there with me, and his mom had just come to pick him up. When Dad came, Cal’s mom and our dad got into a huge fight with each other.”
“Why did they just start randomly fighting?”
“Turns out—don’t scream when you hear this—Cal’s mom is our dad’s EX-WIFE.”
“You heard me.”
“So…that means you and Cal are…omigosh…”
“Yikes…that’s big news…”
At that moment, the doorbell rang.
“Ah, I think that’s Randall.” Miles replied as he got up from his seat and sauntered towards the door. “Remember, don’t tell Dad I told you that…even though he doesn’t really have any proof…”
Miles opened the door and there was his friend, Randall.
“Hey, Randall!”
“So, about the Batbark Woods…” Randall muttered.
“Wait…the Batbark Woods?” Katrina said.
“Yeah,” Miles explained, “We have some ideas that the monsters who live in those woods are coming back.”
“Another big secret,” Katrina said. “I’d better hear this.”
There were four chairs at the table, one occupied by Katrina. Miles sat to the right of Katrina, and Randall sat at the side.
“All right, so what about that freak forest?” Katrina inquired.
“We think they’re coming back.” Miles said.
“I think we’ve established that…but tell me HOW you think they’re coming back.”
“Okay…the CEO of Dad’s business never shows his face. Maybe it’s because if he does, he’ll show to everyone that he’s one of the monsters.” Randall explained.
“Okay…how could you test this theory?” Katrina asked.
“Hey…” Miles pointed out. “Dad used to be a professional boxer. If we could get Dad to compete in a fight with Mr. Michaels, we could make sure he punches one of his teeth out. It might be dirty and gross, or jagged and sharp, like a werewolf’s tooth.”
“Good…good…but that’s your only reason you think they’re coming back?”
“Actually, we have another thing. Towns all around the U.S. are being attacked by monsters. They’re striking again, and…there’s one detail that might be a little shocking.”
“What’s that detail?”
“They’re coming back, AND they might’ve declared war against us.” Randall explained.
“And worse, we’re still the only ones who know about them, including my dad. But even if he does know something about them, he doesn’t know that much.” Miles replied.
“I see…we’re in big trouble here…” Katrina muttered.
“And if we try to tell everyone about the Batbark Woods, they’ll just think we’re crazy! We’re never gonna survive this if we don’t act fast. But first, we’re going to have to PROVE that they’re coming back.”
“How do we do that?”
“We test the Mr. Michaels theory out.” Randall answered. “If his tooth is unlike any we have seen before, he might just be involved with the Batbark Woods.”
“Well…looks like we might not get too far before we crash and burn.” Katrina replied glumly.
“At least we’re prepared,” Miles said.
“Yeah, not very prepared.”
“Well, we’ll test this out later. Dad’s got another meeting tomorrow at 6. We all meet here at 5:15, and we go to the meeting with Dad. Start a fight, make Mr. Michaels lose a tooth, and we’ll see what happens.” Miles explained.
Randall sniffed the air. “Do I smell burgers?”
“Yeah, my dad’s making cheeseburgers up on the deck. I guess I could ask him if you could stay for dinner.”
Miles bounded up towards the deck, and a matter of minutes later, the four of them were all enjoying dinner, acting like nothing had ever happened.
Miles walked onto the driveway. He had to walk home because his dad didn’t want to see Cal’s mom at the pick-up site anymore. Miles was exhausted from the long walk home, and just wanted to get inside to rest.
He looked at his silver watch. It was 4:02. He walked into the house and saw Katrina with her friends, Rachel and Tammy at the dining table. They were playing the Game of Life, and it was Tammy’s turn to take action.
“Dad let you bring friends over?” Miles inquired as he plopped on the couch and turned on the TV.
“They can only stay until 5.” Katrina said. “So we better get this game over with.”
Rachel and Tammy started giggling and looking at Miles as he watched TV, trying not to pay attention to the young girls behind him. He knew Rachel and Tammy kind of liked him, as Katrina had told him.
Miles watched the news as Katrina, Rachel, and Tammy continued their game behind him.
It was 4:46 when an announcement came on the news that caught Miles’s attention. The news reported replied, “Breaking news, there has been yet ANOTHER supposed monster attack in Springfield, Illinois. The residents of Springfield say that beasts of all kinds came from the forest and terrorized the town. Here’s Katie with more on that.”
The screen shifted to a tall news reporter with short blond hair standing in front of a devastating scene. Miles knew it was the result of the assault on Springfield.
The blonde news reporter, or Katie, spoke. “Thanks, Jon. As you can see, local homes and businesses have been destroyed by what the local residents say to be…‘monsters’. Folks say the monsters came from a nearby forest and wreaked havoc. The result is 13 people missing. Now this is not the first monster attack. There have been DOZENS now all around the U.S. The first one was in a small town called Misty River in Tennessee, then Boise, Idaho, and then Napa, California, and many more after that. Scientists and researchers say they haven’t uncovered the truth of these attacks yet, but they will continue to look for an explanation.”
As the reporter interviewed witnesses of the attack, Miles sprang up from the couch. He looked back at Katrina and saw that she too had been drawn into the news. Her friends kept telling her it was her turn, but she was in a daze.
Miles didn’t know what the residents of the Batbark Woods were planning, but it couldn’t be good.
It was 5:14. Miles and Katrina sat alone at the dining table discussing more things about the Batbark Woods when Randall came in.
“Hey, Randall! You’re just in time!” Miles exclaimed as he got up from his chair.
“Hey…your dad’s not even down here. How come you wanted me to come so early?” Randall inquired.
“It takes him a half-hour to get to the office, and his meeting’s at 6.” Miles answered. “Showing up fifteen minutes early shouldn’t be so bad. Besides, he might leave in seven or eight minutes anyway.”
Miles’s dad came down the hallway and said, “All right, I’ll see you all later. I’ve got to get to the meeting.”
Miles grabbed his dad’s arm. “Wait…can we come with you?”
“Um…why would you want to come to one of the boring meetings I have to go to?”
“Well…uh…this project’s got the whole school in an uproar.”
“Uh…why are you changing the subject? That’s not related to what I was talking about at all.”
“No, no…it’s…uh…business-related! Yeah! We’ve got a project on how businesses are operated and supervised. Nobody in the school knows how to do it…but, uh…I thought…hey, my dad would probably let me go to one of his business meetings…right? All right…so…all of us going to your business meeting could be a great way to get our research down! And I’ll get an A on my project! Please, Dad?”
Miles’s dad stared at Miles for a moment. Then he said, “Okay. But just to be sure you’re taking notes, get you’re notebook and write down some notes. You too, Katrina. And Randall…I think I have a spare notebook in my room upstairs. It’s on my desk, I think. You can use it.”
“Okay,” Randall said. Miles, Katrina, and Randall got their notebooks and got in Miles’s dad’s car. Miles’s dad got in and started the car. The three kids weren’t actually going to write notes on business. They were going to write the most important info on the Batbark Woods they could find.
The car pulled into the parking lot and Miles, Katrina, Randall, and Miles’s dad all strode to the building.
When they entered the lobby with Miles’s dad, they couldn’t believe their eyes. There were so many products in the lobby that they had to be careful not to trip on any stray antique clocks or digital cameras.
But what surprised the kids most was the fruit they had found in the forest. It was completely covering almost the entire lobby. Miles thought about Mr. Michaels and wrote in his notebook:

Mr. Michaels (likely disguise name) could be using ghostberry/rainbow grapes as a distraction. KEEP AN EYE ON HIM.

Miles, Katrina, Randall, and Miles’s dad stepped in the elevator and went up to the board room.
When the three kids stepped in after Miles’s dad, they saw that this room too was almost filled with ghostberry/rainbow grapes. Miles’s dad sat in a chair and Miles, Katrina, and Randall all settled down on a small mound of ghostberry/rainbow grapes. Mr. Michaels yelled at them for sitting on his ‘moneymaker’ and ordered them to sit along the wall. Miles wrote:

Is ‘Mr. Michaels’ trying to cover up the fact that he’s involved with the Batbark Woods by pretending to be obsessed with money and moneymakers?

The room soon was filled with people and Mr. Michaels cleared his throat from behind the podium to settle everyone down.
Miles saw a woman in shiny white clothes give a notebook to Mr. Michaels to cover up his face. Miles recognized the woman from somewhere, but he didn’t know where. Then he found it. He quickly jotted down in his notebook:

NEW CLUE: A woman gave Mr. Michaels a notebook to cover up his face with. The woman is the same woman who was at Mr. Reed’s funeral; the same woman who seemed to enjoy Mr. Reed turning into a monster.

Miles watched with narrowed eyes as Mr. Michaels stepped onto the podium with the notebook still covering his face.
“Business is booming, people!” he exclaimed. “The rainbow grapes are making our business irresistible! But we still have competition. Other stores and businesses are also taking advantage of the delectable fruit! That is why I have something to show you all.”
Mr. Michaels pulled a piece of paper of the podium off the podium and unrolled it. It was a map. There was a large red X in what appeared to be the middle of the forest. Miles narrowed his eyes even more.
“This red X is the location of where I have located a very large stash of rainbow grapes. This stash is so large that it will give us practically a lifetime supply of rainbow grapes! So here’s the plan! Business will be closed tomorrow.” This erupted several murmurs and whispers in the crowd. “I’m not finished. We will all hike into the forest and retrieve that stash of rainbow grapes! This stash will be superior to all stashes!!!”
Miles just stared at Mr. Michaels for a moment. Then he wrote:

Could ‘Mr. Michaels be planning to leave the group of people in the forest to be captured? He might be leading them to their doom!

Miles remembered his tooth theory and remembered his plan. Katrina and Randall were looking anxiously at him. Finally, he let out a fake yawn and said, “Mr. Michaels, I’m getting bored. Could you guys do something fun?”
Mr. Michaels stared at Miles. “What?”
“I know! You could have a boxing match with somebody! My dad used to be a professional boxer! I bet you could get in a boxing match with him!”
“Miles! This is very immature behavior!” Miles’s dad scolded. “If this continues, I will ground you for a month.”
Randall glanced at Miles, and then without thinking, he stood up and walked towards Mr. Michaels. The lady in shiny silver clothes clutched her coat pocket.
Randall stood in front of Mr. Michaels for a moment, and then he punched Mr. Michaels as hard as he could, right in his face. The notebook flew out of his hand as Mr. Michaels tumbled onto the ground.
“RANDALL!!!!” Miles’s dad screamed. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!!!??”
Miles and Katrina shot up. “Well, time to go, bye!” Miles replied. Then he noticed that there was a tooth on the ground. It had obviously come out when Randall had punched Mr. Michaels, but it wasn’t a normal tooth. It was sharp and jagged like that of a tiger’s…or a werewolf’s.
Miles picked up the bleeding tooth and backed towards the elevator. Most of the people in the room were in shock. Their jaws had almost dropped to the floor.
Miles took one last look at his dad’s face as he stepped in the elevator and knew that he was in big trouble.
But the look that startled him the most was from the mysterious lady. Her look was beyond big trouble. She looked at Miles and his friends with pure hatred.
She looked at them with a look that meant she wanted to kill them.
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Reignbow.Rebel said...
Mar. 3, 2012 at 8:39 am
Bravo! Loved the first! I see a bright future for you!
kingofwritersThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Mar. 4, 2012 at 7:07 am
Thanks! :)
Dec. 16, 2011 at 3:07 pm
This was really good! I read the other one! Great job! Do you think you could check out my work. None of my work in posted yet, but when it is could you check it out? thanks!
kingofwritersThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Dec. 21, 2011 at 7:18 am
I'll check it out when it's posted! I haven't been on TeenInk in a while. :/
kingofwritersThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Nov. 5, 2011 at 8:29 am
Hey, if you haven't read the Legend of the Batbark Woods, read that before you read this, because this is the sequel, and you won't understand ANYTHING unless you read the Legend of the Batbark Woods first.

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