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The King of the Werwolves

Author's note: READ THIS!!! I started writing this in sixth grade and finished it a year ago, and it is also...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: READ THIS!!!

I started writing this in sixth grade and finished it a year ago, and it is also at a lower writing level than other books.

I will ask you the same question I asked for the Legend of the Batbark Woods: SHOULD I REWRITE THIS BOOK??? PLEASE ANSWER!!!

P.S. It might take you a while to decide, considering this book is REALLY long!  « Hide author's note
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The Great Swordfight

Miles, Katrina, Randall, and Cal wandered through the network of tunnels for another long time with no luck. For almost half an hour, there was no sign of any room that contained Miles’s dad.
Then, the four of them came across a room with a sign above the open doorway that read: INVENTORY ROOM. Miles peeked inside and saw that it was a circular room with weapons such as swords, axes, spell balls, and more lining the walls. There were also glass containers lining the walls with suspicious
GOOD NEWS: This is the last chapter. EXTREMELY BAD NEWS: It's the longest chapter in the book. NOTE: After you're done reading, tell me whether or not I should rewrite it!
potions inside them, all varieties of different colors. In the middle of the room, there was a rock, and on this rock was one of the businessmen Miles’s dad worked with. Trembling with excitement, Miles looked to the left of the rock and saw a line of businessmen and women lying on the ground. They all had one thing in common: they all worked for Miles’s dad’s company. And there, at the back of the line, was Miles’s dad. If Miles and his friends didn’t hurry, Miles’s dad wouldn’t be on their side anymore.
Miles turned to Katrina, Randall, and Cal. “Guys! Dad’s in there!”
“You’re serious?” Randall asked with disbelief.
“I’m dead serious! Now we just have to find a way to get in there without detection!”
Katrina shrugged. “So, uh…what are we gonna do?”
There was a long pause. It was obvious that none of them knew what to do. Then Randall saw the doorway, and noticed that on either side of it was a shining knight’s suit, complete with a sword and shield for each.
“I’ve got an idea,” Randall replied. “Katrina, Cal…get outside, where it’s safe. We’ll come get you after we save Miles’s dad and then we’ll get out of here!”
“Wait…but…Miles?” Katrina said.
“Don’t you worry, Katrina. Miles will be fine! Trust me!” Randall replied. “He’s with me!”
Katrina frowned. “Well, that really cheered me up!” she exclaimed sarcastically. “Does he really have to be with you?”
“Listen, Katrina. I’ll be fine, okay?” Miles answered. “I was with Randall when I went into the forest to save you, wasn’t I? And the best part is we came back in one piece. So don’t worry. Randall and I will be fine.”
Katrina was silent for a moment. “Okay,” she said. “Stay safe, okay?”
“I promise,” Miles muttered. “Now you and Cal should get to safety. Stay near the Werewolf Castle and we’ll come and get you, all right?”
Katrina nodded and hurried through the tunnel with Cal. Miles turned to Randall. “Alright, what’s your brilliant plan?”
“Here’s what we’re gonna do,” Randall explained, “See those two knight suits on either side of the doorway? We’re gonna jump into those and pretend to be knights when we enter the room. But we’re gonna have to hurry if we want to save your dad, okay?”
“I gotcha,” Miles answered.
“Alright. Let’s get started,” Miles grasped the knight suit and glanced over at Randall who was slowly pulling his pants down.
“DUDE!” Miles exclaimed. “What the heck are you DOING?!?”
Randall quickly pulled his pants back up. “I…uh…don’t we have to take off our clothes and THEN get in the suits?”
“WHAT?!? I was actually thinking your idea was good for a sec!”
“Okay, don’t start with me!”
“We could just NOT take off our clothes and just jump into the knight suit first thing!”
“Oh…so I don’t have to pull my pants down?”
“Oh…you’re smart…”
“Yeah, I came up with a less embarrassing and less disgusting solution. Thank you, thank you, hold your applause.”
The two of them struggled to get into the knight’s suits, and after a few minutes, they walked into the room in their knight suits, seeing that Miles’s dad was now next in line to be turned into a werewolf. This reminded Miles of the time he had been at the bakery in Ghostline, seeing that Katrina was next in line to be turned into food.
“Hi…” Miles answered, trying to make his voice deeper. “We were sent by the...uh…Head Witch to help with this…werewolf transformation business you are doing! Is there anything we could do to help?”
“Here, you can take my job,” a witch said, walking over to Miles and Randall.
“Oh…and uh…what might your job be?” Miles asked.
“Oh, it’s backbreaking work!” the witch moaned. “I have to lug the humans up onto the stone over and over again. Why did the company the King of the Werewolves lured here have to have so many people in it?”
“Well, our records say it was the most successful business in the area, so it wasn’t a surprise,” Miles explained. “And there weren’t many people in it anyways. Our records say there were only twelve people in the group. Is it really that much work?”
“It is for me! Look at my arm!” The witch rolled down her sleeve, showing her very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very skinny arm. It was the skinniest arm Miles had ever seen. The witch continued to speak. “It takes me a good five minutes to lift these humans up onto the stone, and by the 4:55 mark the werewolf over here has to help me!”
The witch pointed at the werewolf on the other side of the stone. The werewolf started snuffling and growling, apparently trying to say something.
“Oh, yeah!” the witch replied. “That’s right, werewolf! When I said the company that the King of the Werewolves lured here, I meant the FORMER King of the Werewolves. He’s no king anymore. HE BETRAYED US!”
“Wow…funny how news can spread that fast in less than three hours without televisions and radios like the humans have,” Randall replied, also lowering his voice like Miles did.
“Our bats are efficient in the delivery service,” the witch explained. “Now if you excuse me, I have to go on my hobo tea break. Make sure you do a good job lifting that last human there.” The witch pointed at the last person to turn into a werewolf: Miles’s dad.
“Oh, yes! Hobo tea! We ought to try that sometime!” Randall replied, winking at Miles through his armor.
“Yes, you ought to!” the witch replied. “It tastes delightful! And the hair really adds to its good taste! Bye!”
Miles and Randall turned to the werewolf. They were both thinking the same thing about the hobo tea.
“Look! Over there!” Miles shouted to the werewolf. While the werewolf wasn’t looking, Miles and Randall took off their helmets and puked on the floor.
They put their helmets on again just as the werewolf turned around. “Snuffle snuffle…rurf,” the werewolf snuffled.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just continue with the werewolf transformation stuff,” Randall replied.
The werewolf nodded and bent down over the man who had been placed onto the stone last. Then, the werewolf dug his teeth into the man’s arm and after a few short moments, he let go. Miles and Randall observed the results. The man’s skin turned to fur, his teeth became jagged and sharp, and the clothes ripped off his body, revealing that he was now a werewolf.
The werewolf went over to a huge blue circle on the wall and pushed on it. It started to glow as Miles looked up and saw something about the ceiling. The ceiling was made completely out of stone except for a wooden circle directly above the rock the new werewolf was unconscious on. The second thing Miles noticed was that the wooden circle was shaking.
Then, as the blue circle on the wall got as bright as it could get, the circle turned into a swarm of bats that swooped down and carried the new werewolf to the floor above. A few moments later, the wooden bats returned and reassembled into the wooden circle that had been there before.
“Alright, now that that’s taken care of, let us lift this last human onto the stone!” Randall exclaimed.
“Yes, let’s do it!” Miles said. The two of them walked over to Miles’s dad and lifted him up. They lifted him over the stone. They were about to place him onto the stone when…
“GO!!!” Miles yelled in his normal voice. They dashed for the exit still carrying Miles’s dad. The werewolf, feeling even more betrayed than he had been when the King of the Werewolves betrayed him, darted towards the two boys and grabbed onto Miles’s legs. He slammed the two boys against the ground and spun them around. Miles tried not to let go of his dad. He couldn’t let go or the werewolf would have a perfect chance of turning Miles’s dad into a werewolf.
Finally, after spinning Miles and Randall around for quite some time, the werewolf let go, sending Miles, Randall, and Miles’s dad flying straight towards the wall. Miles let go of his dad as he and Randall slammed into the hard stone wall. Miles’s unconscious dad landed on the floor a few yards behind them.
The werewolf roared and rocketed towards Miles’s dad. Miles couldn’t let the werewolf get to his dad. He quickly got to his feet and darted to the rescue. Both of them were now running towards Miles’s dad. As they both got to him at the same time, Miles jabbed his sword into the werewolf’s mouth. Then he grabbed his dad and flung him over his shoulder. He knew he had to get back to Randall, but the werewolf had other plans.
The werewolf spit Miles’s sword out of his mouth, and the handle jabbed straight into Miles’s throat. Miles was sent flying towards one of the glass containers that lined the wall. It was filled with a mysterious green potion. Then, Miles penetrated the glass and the potion spilled out onto the floor.
“MILES!!” Randall screamed. Randall quickly sprinted to the rescue, but it was too late for Miles’s dad. The werewolf saw his chance, and took it. As Randall rushed over to his unconscious friend, the werewolf rushed over to Miles’s dad and bit into his hand.
Randall leaned over Miles and yelled as loud as he could, “MILES!! SPEAK TO ME, BUDDY! SPEAK!!!”
Miles slowly sat up and opened his eyes. “Oog…what happened last night?”
“Miles, don’t you remember? WE’RE BEING ATTACKED BY A WEREWOLF!!”
Miles shot up, his eyes widening. “Oh, man! DAD!” Miles picked up his sword out of the potion and was about to strike the werewolf when he noticed that his dad was already a werewolf as well.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Miles noticed his sword still had some of the green potion on it and jabbed it into the werewolf’s mouth again. He ducked when the werewolf spit it out again and observed the potions effects.
At first, nothing happened, but then the werewolf’s fur changed to feathers, and a beak grew where his mouth used to be. The werewolf began to shrink too. He got smaller and smaller and smaller, and once he stopped his legs became like bird legs. His arms transformed into wings, and after more and more transformations, the werewolf was now a chicken.
“CLU-CLUCK!!!” the chicken clucked. “Cluck, cluck, CLUUUUUCK!!!”
“Cluck, cluck to you too,” Miles replied. “That’s what you get for turning my dad into a werewolf.”
“Speaking of which, how do we turn ‘em back?” Randall asked, standing at Miles’s dad’s side.
Miles walked beside Randall and choked back tears as he stared as his dad—who was now a werewolf. They had been too late to save him. “I’ll talk to Mr. Michaels about it,” Miles explained, his voice shaking. “He’ll know what to do. At least we’ll still be able to recognize him because he’s still got his necktie on. Now we’ll know which werewolf to change back.”
“Clu-CLUUCK!” the chicken clucked.
“Hey, hey, don’t make so much noise, chicken!!” Randall exclaimed as he and Miles turned around. What they found wasn’t good. The chicken was pressing himself against a red circle right next to the blue one. The red circle began to glow, and Miles and Randall could both hear a high-pitched noise in the air.
“Oh man, not good!” Randall exclaimed. “Come on, Miles! We’ll take care of your dad later, but for now, we’re gonna have to SCRAM!!”
As the two boys dashed for the exit, the wooden circle in the ceiling began to wobble violently. Then, it broke up into dozens of tiny pieces and transformed into a swarm of bats. It was much smaller than the one Miles and Randall had been trapped in before, but they both knew that these bats were dangerous.
Miles and Randall ran even faster, but it was no use. The swarm of bats swallowed them and they were lifted off their feet. One pulled off Miles’s knight’s boot, revealing a tennis shoe. The bats surrounded the boys and after a few moments, Miles and Randall were dropped out of the swarm, the knight’s armor completely gone.
“I’m glad we kept our regular clothes on when put on the armor,” Randall replied, “because this would’ve been one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.”
Miles answered, “One of the most?”
“Well, this one time I--!”
“Okay, Randall, I’d love to hear about the most embarrassing moments in your life at a later date, but for now we have to get out of here!!!”
Miles and Randall shot up and sprinted out the doorway.
“Clu-cluck-CLUUUUUUCK!!!” the chicken clucked behind them.
“Whatever, chicken!!!” Randall yelled back.
The high-pitched noise lingered in the air. Miles and Randall kept sprinting through the tunnels as fast as they could, not knowing where they were going. They just had to get as far away from the Inventory Room as possible.
Then, they came across an intersection in the tunnel. One path went straight, one went to the right, one went to the left, and of course there was the one they had used behind them.
“Which way do we go?” Randall asked.
“Well, the straight path is ruled out,” Miles answered.
“Why is that?”
“There’s a crowd of monsters heading through that path right now.” Randall looked at the path straight ahead and saw a huge crowd of monsters hurrying straight towards them.
“I think I know what the high-pitched noise was!” Randall exclaimed.
“A signal…let’s check the path to the right…” Miles and Randall stared down the path to the right of them, only to find that there was another crowd of monsters heading straight for them.
“That must’ve been a pretty powerful signal!” Randall panicked. “What if we go back?”
The boys looked behind them, and—big surprise—there were monsters coming after them that way too.
“Come on…what about the path to the left?” Miles muttered.
Randall was petrified. “Hurry! They’re getting closer!!”
Miles peered around the corner of the wall to the left. There were no monsters coming from this path because the path went straight for a little bit and then ended at a hole. Beside the hole was a sign that read: TO WEREWOLF BALCONY.
“Randall! The path to the left is good!” Miles replied. “Come on! We’ve found our escape!”
Miles and Randall darted down the path, the monsters gaining on them.
“Werewolf Balcony?” Randall said. “What the heck is that?”
Miles didn’t answer. He knew there was no time for talking. The monsters were dangerously close. The two boys jumped into the hole and slid downward. It was a slide! But where would it take them?
Miles and Randall found that this slide was an unusually steep one. It was a wild ride. It tossed, it turned, it flipped, it did corkscrews—in short, it was probably the most intense slide anybody could ever slide on.
Finally, the slide emptied them out onto a large balcony. They stood up and looked around them at the amazing structure.
“Okay…now let’s get out of here!” Miles exclaimed.
“What about your dad, Miles?” Randall inquired.
Miles’s heart dropped. His dad was turned into a werewolf and there was nothing he could do about it. Not now. Not without Mr. Michaels’s help, and he didn’t even know if he was alive or not.
“We’ll have to save him later,” Miles murmured, choking back tears.
There was a long, long silence. There was no noise at all for a long time. Finally, Randall broke the silence.
“I’m sorry,” Randall replied quietly.
Suddenly, out of the slide burst tons and tons of monsters. Up on the balcony rail, which was more like a wall by the way, monsters were crowding together and aiming their weapons at Miles and Randall.
“Oh man, this is so unfair!!!” Randall exclaimed. The monsters continued aiming their weapons as a huge, black cloud zoomed up onto the wall/railing of the balcony. It continued speeding for quite some time, until it finally stopped in front of a crowd of monsters. The black cloud disappeared, and there was the Headless Horseman, riding his demonic horse.
“Ah, hello!” the Headless Horseman replied. “I recognize you as the boy who destroyed our army’s current greatest weapon!” The Headless Horseman pointed a finger at Miles. “Well, you won’t this time. You may be smart enough to infiltrate the Werewolf Castle, but tell me boy, do you really think you can take on all these monsters with just a sword and your dimwit friend?”
“HEY!!!” Randall yelled.
“Oh, simply amazing!” the Headless Horseman exclaimed. “It can talk!”
“Hey!!!” Miles shouted, stepping forward. “Don’t talk about my friend like that! Sure, I let you kidnap my sister, and I let you challenge me to a swordfight, but when I let you talk about my friend that way, that’s when you broke the last straw! Now you’re gonna get it!!”
“Not if you get it first!”
“MONSTERS!!! FIRE YOUR WEAPONS!!!” All the werewolves, witches, goblins, ogres, and the rest of the monsters in the crowd fired their weapons. The werewolves and ogres fired their crossbows and arrows. The witches launched spells. The Headless Horseman threw his deadly sword straight at Miles and Randall. The two boys were completely surrounded by crossbows, rocks, swords, and spells sent by witches. It looked like this was the end.
Suddenly, Mr. Michaels came out of nowhere and leaped in front of Miles and Randall. He got out a spell ball, and its glow changed to white. All of the weapons were blasted backwards into the crowd of monsters. Most of the monsters avoided the backfiring weapons, but some of them were hit and fell to the ground. Those who were on the balcony railing fell off of the railing and down onto the ground far below. Unfortunately, the Headless Horseman was not hurt by this attack. He grabbed his sword right out of the air, and pointed it at Mr. Michaels.
“YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS HERE!!!” the Headless Horseman roared.
“I can see that, Headless,” Mr. Michaels answered. “But I’ve come for a reason. You see, my spies have been pretty convincing, haven’t they?”
“Spies?” the Headless Horseman replied. “What spies?”
“See? Even YOU don’t know what I’m talking about! Headless, I’ve always thought this weird thought that even though you don’t have a head, you—no question—have a brain! It’s really easy to figure out and…uh, heh…disgusting when you think about where the brain might be, but that’s beside the point! What I’m trying to say is that some of your monster friends are working for me! They’re spies!” Mr. Michaels turned his head and winked at Miles and Randall. Miles and Randall both knew that Mr. Michaels was lying. But the monsters didn’t.
“What?!? That’s preposterous!!!” the Headless Horseman exclaimed. “Monsters! Raise your hand if you are a spy!!!” Not a single monster raised his/her hand. “Hah, ha! I see you are wrong, King of the Werewolves…although you are definitely not a king anymore! If you wish to live among the humans, then what kind of a king are you?”
“Anyway,” the former King of the Werewolves continued, “there are spies in this kingdom. Think about it! Nobody raised their hands! My spies didn’t! And that’s pretty obvious, considering their cover shouldn’t be blown! I chose only the finest spies to be on my squadron, and they would not be stupid enough to raise their hand!”
Some of the monsters turned towards other monsters and narrowed their eyes. They even readied their weapons. They were all thinking the same thing: I’m not a spy! But what if somebody else is? Every single monster was thinking this except for the Headless Horseman.
“So, monsters!” Mr. Michaels continued. “I have spies in the kingdom! Spies, you know who you are. If you monsters have any type of suspicion of another monster, they very well could be one of my spies! And if you want to get rid of them once and for all, then you should attack the monster you’re suspicious about! Everyone, ATTACK!!!”
The monsters attacked each other. They didn’t stop. They clanged swords, threw rocks at each other, and they wouldn’t stop until their “enemies” were dead.
Mr. Michaels turned to Miles and Randall. “Nothin’ like a great big civil war to tear down the kingdom!” he laughed.
“You’re awesome, man! That was sweet!” Randall said, high-fiving Mr. Michaels.
“Listen, Mr. Michaels,” Miles started.
“What is it, Miles?”
“Um…my dad…he got turned into a werewolf, and he’s…uh…he’s in the Inventory Room right now. Do you know how you could change him back?”
“You were too late?”
“No…it’s just that…our cover got blown and the monsters turned our dad into a werewolf anyway.”
“Ah, yes…there’s a serum in the Inventory Room that I’ll bet can change your dad back. I’ll go get it and turn your dad back to normal.”
“Oh, and Miles…could you do me a favor while I’m getting the serum?”
“The Headless Horseman is up there trying to break up all this commotion. You sneak up from behind him and kill him. Then there’ll be nothing stopping these monsters from killing themselves. They’ll destroy their own kingdom and Misty River will be safe, along with the rest of the world.”
“I hope so. Now go get that serum!”
“Wish me luck!” And with that, Mr. Michaels darted over to the slide and climbed up it.
“He won’t make it up that slide!” Randall exclaimed. “It’s way too steep!”
“He’s half werewolf, remember? He can climb up any steep surface at the speed of light!” Miles informed. “Now, let’s climb up that wall and make the Headless Horseman pay for all he’s done.”

Mr. Michaels had finished climbing up the steep slide and was now speeding through the network of tunnels faster than he had ever gone before. Finally, he reached the Inventory Room and stepped into it. One thing was for sure. There was a chicken and a puddle of green potion on the floor, but Miles’s dad wasn’t there. Where could he have gone?
What the…? Where’s Miles’s dad??? Mr. Michaels thought. Ah, no worries…I’m sure he’ll turn up later. I’d better get that serum!
Mr. Michaels stepped forward towards where the serum was, but the chicken had other plans.
“CLU-CLU-CLUUUCK!!!” the chicken clucked. The chicken waddled onto Mr. Michaels’s foot and started pecking it.
“Ow…OW! STOP IT, YOU STUPID CHICKEN!” Mr. Michaels yelled. He flung his foot into the air, sending the chicken soaring out the window. “That’s gonna leave a mark,” Mr. Michaels mumbled. “Now to get that serum!”
Mr. Michaels walked over to a table with a rack sitting on it. Hanging from the rack were various test tubes full of different-colored potions and serums. Finally, Mr. Michaels decided on a small test tube with a dark blue potion inside it. He had found the serum, but where was Miles’s dad?
Glancing around the room for one last time, Mr. Michaels turned around and ran out the door. Turning Miles’s dad back to his original form would be tougher than he thought.

The job Miles and Randall were doing wasn’t easy at all. It was difficult to find handholds and footholds in the bricks that made up the wall/railing of the Werewolf Balcony, and they had to narrowly avoid weapons that were being thrown at them.
About halfway up the wall/railing, the former King of the Werewolves came out of the slide and ran towards where Miles and Randall where climbing.
“How are ya doing?” Mr. Michaels inquired.
“Um…fine…” Miles answered. “How’s my dad doing?”
“Miles, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that I found the proper serum that can change your dad back!”
“What’s the bad news?”
“The bad news is…when I came into the Inventory Room, your dad was nowhere to be seen. I have absolutely no idea what happened to him.”
Miles’s heart sank. Where could his dad be? He had traveled to the Werewolf Castle for a good reason and that was he had to rescue his dad. But it was too late now. How would his dad change back to normal now?
“Well…that’s…th-that’s…” Miles stammered. “Randall, let’s just get up there and do our job.” And on that note, the boys continued climbing.
Suddenly, the slide Mr. Michaels had just gone down began to shake violently. Mr. Michaels wasn’t paying attention to all the monsters swordfighting around him. He was paying attention to the slide. Why was it shaking so violently?
A thick cloud of ash burst out of the slide and fell down on top of a crowd of monsters in front of Mr. Michaels. The monsters stopped attacking each other and stared at the cloud of ash towering over them. Then, the ash cloud landed, and covered all the monsters in a thick sheet of ash that kept spreading outward. After a moment, each and every monster struggling under the ash disappeared. Mr. Michaels knew exactly what this was.
“ASH BEAST!” Mr. Michaels screamed. He put the serum in his pocket, sprinted towards the wall/railing and quickly climbed up.
“Look at Mr. Michaels!” Randall exclaimed. “How can he climb that fast?”
“Hey, Randall! I’ve got an idea!” Miles replied. “Quick! Let’s get down!” Miles and Randall quickly climbed down the wall/railing and Miles got out his broomstick. “We don’t have to climb. We can fly up there!”
“Miles, stop stepping on my feet!” Randall exclaimed.
“I’m not stepping on your feet.”
“Then what--?” Randall glanced down at his feet and saw that a thick sheet of ash was covering them up. “What the heck…what is this?”
“Quick! Get on the broomstick!” Miles instructed. Miles and Randall quickly got on the broomstick and zoomed upward, the ash falling off of them.
They soared through the air and landed on the wall/railing of the Werewolf Balcony. The fighting around them was intense. Miles looked to his left and saw the Headless Horseman trying to break up the fighting. Miles saw his chance.
He grabbed his sword and charged behind the Headless Horseman. He readied his sword and jumped into the air, swinging his sword downward. This was it…
The Headless Horseman was ready. He swung his sword backwards and slashed Miles’s cheek. As Miles screamed in pain, the Headless Horseman jabbed his sword into the ground. A thick cloud of black smoke acted as a shock wave and blasted Miles backwards. His sword skidded across the stone. Miles couldn’t reach it.
“Oh, ho, ho! You’re a clever one, trying to sneak up on me!” the Headless Horseman exclaimed. “But I’m always prepared.”
“Like you were prepared for the Amethyst Cauldron exploding?” Miles exclaimed.
“You’re a fast one, boy,” the Headless Horseman replied after a long pause. “But no matter how fast you are, you’d never be prepared for THIS!!!” The Headless Horseman swung his sword up in the air. Miles closed his eyes, preparing for the worst.
Then, just as the Headless Horseman was about to bring his sword down on Miles, two werewolf hands clutched the Headless Horseman’s body, digging into his collar bone.
“AAAAARGH!!!” the Headless Horseman screamed. He whirled around to see who had grabbed him. There was Mr. Michaels. He had conveniently turned his hands into werewolf hands to grab the Headless Horseman from behind.
“Were you prepared for that?” Mr. Michaels asked. Miles smiled.
“Alright, traitor,” the Headless Horseman muttered. “Two can play at that game.”
You know what happened next. The Headless Horseman and Mr. Michaels got into a huge fight, Miles and Randall watching from the sidelines. It was an amazing fight, with claws and swords and spells. Miles and Randall were stunned as they watched it.
Then, the Headless Horseman swung his sword straight into Mr. Michaels’s hip. Mr. Michaels screamed in pain and fell to the ground. The Headless Horseman yanked the sword out, revealing a deep wound on Mr. Michaels’s hip. As consciousness slipped away from Mr. Michaels, the Headless Horseman kicked him down into the thick sheet of ash.
Mr. Michaels landed with a thud, and not long after that the ash covered him up. And then, a few short moments later, he disappeared.
“NOOO!!!” Miles screamed. He tried to run towards the Headless Horseman, but Randall stopped him.
“Miles, if you try to attack him again, he’ll probably kill you!” Randall replied. “But I’ve got an idea, if you wanna hear it!”
“What’s your brilliant plan?” Miles inquired.
Randall pointed somewhere within the crowd of fighting monsters. “I think I see the Amethyst Cauldron over there! Ready for some payback time?”
“You bet I am! Get on the broomstick!” Miles and Randall both got onto the broomstick and flew to where the Amethyst Cauldron was. Miles held out his hand and shouted, “Superiora infriftica!” Now he had complete control of the Amethyst Cauldron. He thought of a rhyme to say, and then shouted out:

“The Werewolf Castle is no more!
Let’s ground--!”

“The Amethyst Cauldron has been modified. You no longer have to say a rhyme to get it to work,” a knight from the crowd spoke up. Another knight elbowed the knight off of the balcony.
“Oh, really? That’s a relief!” Miles answered. “Then how about: I wish the Werewolf Castle was destroyed !” The first place affected was the Werewolf Balcony. It just randomly tore apart from the wall and plummeted down to the ground. Then the rest of the castle began to disintegrate. The guard towers collapsed. The ceilings caved in. The infirmary, where the Head Witch was being cared for, collapsed through the floor. The Werewolf Castle was caving in on itself. After a few moments watching the destruction of the Werewolf Castle, Miles and Randall finally flew away.

Katrina and Cal were watching the destruction of the Werewolf Castle too. They watched from the hills just outside of the castle territory as the castle collapsed.
“Miles and Randall were in there!” Katrina exclaimed. “I told Miles not to stay with Randall and now look what’s happened! We should go see if they’re okay!”
“Katrina, do you really think they could’ve survived that?” Cal answered. “Face it, they’re gone.”
“Miles is my brother and I’m not giving up on him!!”
“No need!” A voice came from above. Katrina and Cal looked up and saw Miles and Randall on a broomstick. “We’re okay, Katrina!”
“You know,” Randall replied, “I’m starting to wonder why we just didn’t fly here on your broomstick when we were trying to get to the Werewolf Castle.”
Miles frowned and said, “I am such an idiot.”
“Come on, we’ve gotta get back to Misty River!” Cal muttered. “I don’t wanna spend another minute in this freak show!” Luckily, the broomstick had enough room for four people on it, so Katrina and Cal could get on it without any trouble at all.
And so they took off for Misty River, rocketing towards the Batbark Tunnels. Everyone was happy about going home. Everyone was smiling except for Katrina. She had just realized something.
“Hey…um…Miles?” Katrina inquired. “Where’s Dad?”
Miles’s smile vanished. “DAD!” Miles made a sharp turn on the broomstick that nearly threw everyone into the forest below. Miles stared at where the Werewolf Castle was in hope that his dad might be okay. The answer came from the thick cloud of smoke coming from the castle’s ruins.
“Dad…” Miles stammered. “Dad might’ve been in the castle when it collapsed. He was turned into a werewolf before we could save him.”
Katrina didn’t know what to say. “I…uh…I’m sorry…maybe Mr. Michaels can help him!”
“Mr. Michaels is gone. He was taken by that ash beast thing Cal was talking about.”
“Oh no!” Cal exclaimed. “Mr. Michaels said that everyone who gets taken by an ash beast gets teleported to a dimension so vile and horrifying that some say it was designed to torture living things!”
“That doesn’t sound too good,” Randall replied.
“Listen…at least we slowed down the monsters in their search for whatever the Diamond Pumpkin is,” Miles explained.
“What’s the Diamond Pumpkin?” Cal inquired.
“We don’t know yet,” Miles answered. “But we’re going to find out.”

Misty River couldn’t have been less welcoming to Miles. Everything seemed less and less familiar now that his dad was gone. But that wouldn’t stop him and his friends from figuring out what the Diamond Pumpkin was. Soon, they would go back to the purple coffin and search for the ultimate weapon. Soon, they would do whatever they could to save Miles’s dad. Soon, they would go into the Batbark Woods once again, and face the challenges that lay ahead.

As you know, purple coffins have six buttons in them that take people to six different places. There’s a purple one shaped like a dead tree, there’s a blue one shaped like a full moon, there’s a bright green one shaped like a pumpkin, there’s a turquoise one shaped like a house, there’s a dark green one shaped like a clawed hand, and there’s a red one shaped like a hurricane. Now the place Mr. Michaels was in was the one you could get to by pressing the dark green button shaped like a clawed hand.
Deep in this place, there was a tree stump with a hole cut in it that went deep down into the underground reaches of the valley. Suddenly, the tree stump began to shake. Then the whole ground began to shake, and out of the tree stump came a thick black cloud of ash. The ash began to take the shape of hundreds of witches, werewolves, goblins, and more monsters. And only one of the shapes the ash formed into was at least a little bit human: the shape of Mr. Michaels.
Soon, the 3-D shapes became real figures, and all of these figures were the ones that got covered up by the thick sheet of ash at the Werewolf Castle. Mr. Michaels soared out of the tree stump and landed on the ground with a thud.
The serum was still in his pocket, and he was going to save Miles’s dad if it was the last thing he did.

There was another story with the red button shaped like a hurricane. Earlier in the story, the Head Witch scolded a knight for not know who ‘he’ was. ‘He’ was supposed to mean the Nightmare King, the strongest of all creatures. And the Nightmare King was about to get some very bad news.
The Dark Realm looked a lot like Earth, but it had a reddish tint to it and had dark red specks falling from the sky. Anyway, the Nightmare King’s ‘castle’ was in Dark Realm Vegas and was called Nightmare Casino. The people in the Dark Realm looked just like regular humans, but when they got angry, claws appeared on their fingers, their teeth became threateningly sharp, and their eyes glowed red.
What was happening at Nightmare Casino tonight? The seemingly harmless monsters were partying and joking around, and the song ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson was playing. One of the staff members walked through the crowd of partying monsters. He really stood out in the crowd, considering he was the only one who wasn’t bouncing off the walls. He walked up a grand, staircase and stood in front of a large red door. On it were four large letters that read:


The staff member opened the large red door and stepped into the room. There in front of him was a large stone bridge. If you fell off this bridge, you would fall into a red cloud of nothingness. You’d never get anywhere.
The staff member strode along the bridge to the other side where a large throne stood. And sitting on this throne was the Nightmare King.
“Mister Nightmare King…” the staff member started.
“What is it? Spit it out! Can’t you see I’m busy?” the Nightmare King answered.
“I can see that. You’re sitting on your comfy throne, not doing anything.”
“I am the most powerful being who ever lived! Tell me what you need to tell me or I’ll throw you off the bridge!”
“Okay! I have news from the World of the Werewolves! The Werewolf Castle has crumbled under the control of the Headless Horseman!!!”
The Nightmare King looked incredibly shocked. “WHAT?!? I’m going to…hold on a second…” The Nightmare King unrolled his coat sleeve, revealing a wristband with a red crystal on it. He pressed his finger down hard on the crystal, making it glow.

Back in the World of the Werewolves, the Headless Horseman was busy helping all the monsters get out of the wreckage. The Werewolf Castle was completely destroyed.
A knight scurried in front of the Headless Horseman. “Sir, I am pleased to tell you that the Amethyst Cauldron was found unharmed in the wreckage. It is still capable to help us find the Diamond Pumpkin.”
“Good, but I need news on the Head Witch. The infirmary caved in along with the rest of the castle, and the Head Witch’s wound was pretty severe,” the Headless Horseman explained. “Is she all right?”
“The Batbark Army just dug her out. She’s in critical condition, but the nurses think she’ll be okay as long as she is cared for more often.”
All of the sudden, the Headless Horseman felt something under his coat sleeve. He pulled it out, revealing that this thing was a wristband with a red crystal on it. It was glowing.
“Apparently, the Nightmare King wants to speak to me about something,” the Headless Horseman answered. “If you’d excuse me…”
“Yes, sir,” And with that, the knight scurried off to help more monsters get to their feet.
The Headless Horseman turned to the wristband. “What is it, your highness?”
“Um…well…it’s funny you should ask, Headless…” the Nightmare King replied. “I’ve just received word that the Werewolf Castle has collapsed…is this true?”
“As a matter of fact, it is. It’s all because of that boy. First he destroyed the Amethyst Cauldron, and now he’s destroyed the Werewolf Castle! What will he destroy next? Your casino???”
“No mere boy can destroy my casino…it would take a great warrior…a warrior even more powerful than me! And the thing is, Headless, there is no living being more powerful than me.”
“I’m sure you’re right, sir, but--!”
“No buts. I want to have a talk with you at my casino right now. Do not delay. You let a kid destroy the Werewolf Castle and I’m going to talk some sense into you for it. Now GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!!!”
A knight passing by said, “I think he’s mad.”
The crystal stopped glowing and the conversation ended. The Headless Horseman didn’t know what to do. He just stood there as still as a statue. The wristband fell out of his hand and dropped to the ground.
The Headless Horseman realized that what he had done was unacceptable. He had let a fourteen-year old boy destroy the Werewolf Castle, and this would not do. From this point on, there would be no more Mister Nice Guy. The Headless Horseman was going to kill the boy who destroyed Werewolf Castle if it was the last thing he did.

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! It was two days after the incident at the Werewolf Castle. Somebody was knocking on the door. Katrina opened it to find Randall standing in the doorway.
“Hi, Randall! Thanks for stopping by!” Katrina replied. “Come on inside!”
“Don’t mind if I do!” Randall exclaimed. He stepped inside and looked around. “So…uh…where’s Miles?”
“He’s in the backyard. He’s all bummed out about how we didn’t get to save Dad in time, and…I am too, but I just think about how we’ll get to save him later and…I’ll be okay.”
“What if we don’t?”
“Hey, don’t make me all bummed out like Miles. Here, I’ll go talk to him before you can make me as sad as he is.”
Katrina walked out the back door and stepped into the backyard, where Miles was sitting glumly on a swing set. He looked like he was more depressed than anybody else in the whole world. Katrina felt unbelievably sorry for him.
“Miles…look…” Katrina started. “We’ll do something about Dad. Sure, he was turned into a werewolf two days ago. We can change ‘em back. Don’t worry!”
“Easy for you to say,” Miles answered. “You weren’t there when it happened.”
“When…when what happened?”
“When Dad was turned into a werewolf. Randall and I left him in the Inventory Room and when Mr. Michaels went in there a few minutes later...”
“Wait, why was Mr. Michaels going to the room Dad was in?”
“I asked him how to change Dad back and he said there was some kind of serum in the Inventory Room that could do it. So he went into the Inventory Room and when he came back he said he found the serum, but not Dad.”
“So, Dad wasn’t there when he came back?”
“No, he wasn’t. But he was definitely still in the Werewolf Castle. And then…I destroyed the castle and…” Miles stared down at the ground. “Sorry, I’m just really depressed. I can’t talk about Dad without feeling guilty.”
“I…know how you feel. But it’s not too late to save Dad.”
“Yes it is, and it’s all my fault.”
“No, it’s not. You’re the one who wanted to save Dad in the first place and now you’re giving up? That’s just not right.”
“Well, Katrina…how do you suppose we can save Dad anyway? Mr. Michaels had the serum—the only thing capable of changing Dad back—and now Mr. Michaels is gone.”
Katrina smiled. “Maybe the serum…ISN’T…the only thing capable of changing Dad back.”
Miles narrowed his eyes. “Huh?”
“Remember how the Headless Horseman was talking about that Diamond Pumpkin thing? We could look for that, and we could use it to save Misty River and Dad!”
“We need to save Misty River?”
“Well…yeah! Just because you destroyed the Werewolf Castle doesn’t mean the monsters won’t strike again. So whaddaya say?” Katrina glanced at the grill their family owned, and grabbed the rusty spatula that lay on it. “Should we practice?”
Miles smiled and stood up. He got out his sword and held it out in front of him. “I don’t see why not. But…I’ll go easy on ya, because you’re my sister and I don’t wanna hurt you.”
“Whatever you say, bro.” Katrina held the spatula forward. “For Dad.”
Miles held his sword forward. “For Dad AND Misty River.” Miles and Katrina clanged their weapons and practiced. As the sun set over Misty River, they knew that the road ahead of them was a rough one. And they were going to need to prepare for it.
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Bravo! Loved the first! I see a bright future for you!
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This was really good! I read the other one! Great job! Do you think you could check out my work. None of my work in posted yet, but when it is could you check it out? thanks!
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Hey, if you haven't read the Legend of the Batbark Woods, read that before you read this, because this is the sequel, and you won't understand ANYTHING unless you read the Legend of the Batbark Woods first.

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