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Red Wine

Author's note: I wrote this when I was living with my father. Artemis has to decide what to do and whether to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this when I was living with my father. Artemis has to decide what to do and whether to face this fate on her own. Little does she know that her friends are there for her.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1

I’m not the nicest person alive, but I don’t think I’m horrible either. Everyone makes the occasional joke, and everyone makes mistakes. Personally, I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. I don’t understand why my parents sent me to a boarding school in Rennes, France. Who in their right mind would want to send their child over four thousand miles away from home?
It figures that this would happen to me, of all people. Ever since I was four years old I’ve been on my own. My
I know that I am not the best at tenses, but please bear with me.
parents hired a nanny to take care of me while they were working, which is all the time. They even got me a private teacher, so I've never gone to a real school.
My parents each own large million dollar businesses, so I never get to see them. They don’t even tell me when they go on business trips across seas. On the rare encounter that I do see them, I don’t call them mom or dad. It’s always Linda and Josh or Mr. and Mrs. Carlton. That shows you how close we are.
Whenever I have time off of my school work, I have to find something to do. I take karate classes at a local dojo and go on hikes in mountains that are a few hours away from my home. I don’t have many friends and the few I do have are the people who work for my parents.
I am closest to our butler, Joseph. He goes everywhere with me. We even have our own code. If something is wrong we each have a certain word to tell the other person to get out of the area. The head of the cleaning crew is quite a nasty lady. She often yells at Joseph and me for pointless things. When Joseph and I speak our code, not even she knows what we're talking about.
“Miss Carlton?” asked Joseph trying to get my attention. He was sitting next to me in the limo. He came with me to the new boarding school, and I was relieved to have someone to talk to the whole plane ride.
I looked over at him. His brown hair was slicked back, and he was wearing his butler suit. I tried to tell him he could wear whatever he liked, but he said it was ‘improper’. “I told you to just call me Liz. What is it?”
“When I’m around fellow workers I have to call you Miss Carlton,” he whispered so the driver couldn’t hear. Then he cleared his throat, “I’m afraid our driver can’t take us any further. Apparently, they aren’t letting any cars on the road that leads up to your school. I’m afraid we’ll have to walk from here on.”
I opened the door I was sitting near. I got out of the car and stretched in the moonlight of the warm spring night. Being in a plane for eight hours, then getting into a limo for four hours, made my behind hurt. “Ughhh,” I groaned. It felt good to stretch out.
I heard two car doors slam shut. I turned to see the driver and Joseph. The driver was headed to the trunk of the limo. He was probably going to get my bags. I brought four bags, including the backpack I had on my back. The other three were two duffel bags and one suitcase. They were all my favorite color, purple.
“I will grab your bags Miss Carlton,” said Joseph. He walked over to the back of the limo, where the driver already set my bags on the ground.
I dashed over there and stood in front of him. “I will take them. You can go home. You have a long way back. You know I have carried much more of this on our hiking trips.”
“It is my duty to make sure you make it safely there. I will not leave until I’ve done my job.” Joseph was as stubborn as a mule. That is just one of the many things we have in common.
“I am already here. I will call you once I get settled in the school. You’re getting old and need your rest,” I gave him a big smile.
“Very well if you say so I will follow your orders.” He gave me a gentle smile,” Until the sun rises once again.” In our code that meant; till we meet once again and I will miss you.
“Until the sun rises once again,” I repeated. I leaned in and gave him a humongous hug. Then I pulled away and grabbed my bags. My two duffel bags went over my left shoulder and I picked up my suitcase.
“Make sure you keep me informed. I want to know all the gossip and what you think of your new school.” Joseph seemed hesitant for me to go. It wasn’t that I don’t want you to go because I’ll miss you. It was more like something dangerous. “Before I forget,” he pulled out an envelope from his inside pocket. It looked like an ordinary envelope with nothing written on it. “This is something you need to read on your way to the school. It was written by your mother and father. It is very true, so please don’t panic. Don’t worry you will be safe here.”
“What do you mean don’t panic? What are you talking about? It’s just a school.” I was very confused by what he said.
He placed the envelope in my hand and gave me another hug. “Just read it, it will explain everything. Now hurry up and get going.”
Reluctantly I started down the dirt road. I took the envelope in my hand and tore it open. It was in my mother’s handwriting. It said:

By now you have left the country and arrived at your new school. I wanted to tell you in person about this, but we have been busy. You’re older sister actually went to this school. It’s called Nightwalker Boarding School for Magical Creatures. Now I know what you’re thinking. How can that be? There e is no such thing as magical creatures. Well I know you read all those books on magical creatures, so you know all about the different kinds. I want you to know that everything you read is true. All of it will be proven when you get to the school. I wanted you to go here, so you can experience it all. I wish you the best of luck.
Linda and John (Mom and Dad)

For a minute I just stared at the letter not believing a single thing that was written right in front of me. I was deciding whether it was a joke or not. It couldn’t be a joke because she mentioned my older sister in it. Whenever she mentioned her it was serious business.
“Duck!” yelled a low but demanding voice. Feeling as if I had no choice I fell to my knees. Then I heard a loud crash above me. I had to cover my ears, because it was so loud.
A moment later somebody was pulling me to my feet. I looked up and saw a hazel eyed boy staring back at me. His hair was jet black and his facial features were quite handsome. “Are you alright?” he asked in a soothing voice.
“I’m fine, but what was that all about?” My knees kind of hurt from falling to my knees like that. It was kind of like falling on concrete. My knees were already sore from my recent hiking trip.
“Just keep quiet and stay behind me.” For some reason his voice was very stern. He positioned himself in front of me.
I looked past him and saw a large, muscular, bald man. If anything he had to be a body builder. “What are you doing here?” he said in a scratchy voice.
“John told me that he wanted me to watch over her. He had suspicions about a few people.” He was a skinny person and looked like no match for the bald man. He gave me the impression of a cool laid back guy. The girls defiantly flaunted all over him. He was gorgeous.
“Well we can just share her. There is enough blood to go around.” The bald man advanced closer to us. The look in his eyes frightened me.
I took a step back. His eyes darted over to me. “Just stay still!” said the guy standing in front of me. “You need to go back now before I make you. She is here to help us all out not to be eaten on her first day. I am assigned to protect her and that’s what I plan to do.”
“They assigned you to protect her after,” he was cut off.
Two identical looking people came up on either side of the bald man. They each had on a plain white tee shirt and jeans. The color of both of their hair was light brown. They had some muscle, but not near as much as the bald man. “Well hello Arron,” said the person on the left. “I suggest you get moving,” said the one on the right.
The guy named Arron took off in a blink of an eye. I almost thought he wasn’t here in the first place. “What are you two doing here?” asked the guy in front of me.
“Well John said you might need some help,” answered the guy standing on the right. He seemed more of the hyper one while the other person seemed more serious. The guy standing on the right looked at me. “So this must be our new human student. Hello my name is Shawn Degrindle Galway and this,” he motioned to his right my left. “Is my twin brother, Ocean Christopher Galway.”
“Nice to meet you,” I said quietly.
The guy with the black hair turned to face me. He was even more handsome now that I got a better look at him. “I’m Vadicus Gabriel Tremaine.”
“Why do you all use your full name? Why not just introduce yourselves with your first name?” I asked.
“For us it’s how we introduce ourselves,” answered Ocean. “We find it disgraceful if we don’t.”
“If that’s the case then I’m Artemis Elizabeth Carlton, but people call me Liz.” My voice was calm, but my head was screaming at me.
“Ocean and Shawn, can you grab her bags and take them to the school?”
“No problem Vad,”answered Shawn. Then Shawn and Ocean walked over to the bags on the ground. I dropped them when I fell to my knees. Shawn grabbed my duffel bags and Ocean grabbed my suitcase. "We'll see you guys in a little bit," said Shawn. He was staring at me in particular.
Ocean put his hand on Shawn's shoulder. "Let's go before you get overwhelmed." He gave Shawn a slight tug. Shawn looked away from me quickly and was gone in the blink of an eye. Ocean soon followed after him.
Vadicus put his hands in the pockets of his slacks. "We need to start walking it's going to be a while till we get to the school."
Feeling as if I had no choice, I followed behind him. I noticed that I was clutching the letter, from my mother, so tightly that my knuckles were turning white. "Is it true?" I asked my voice slightly shaken.
"Is what true?" Vadicus seemed annoyed that I was talking to him. I kind of wanted to slap him.
"Is this really a school for magical creatures?"
"Yes it is," he said it with no emotion at all. "Didn't Linda and Josh tell you before you got here? You seem quite surprised by this news."
"How do you know my parents?"
"I've talked to them many times and I have met up with them multiple times. They seem like very hard working people. I admire them for that." Vadicus said everything like it was no big deal at all.
"Well for your information I didn't know anything about this school till five minutes ago. My mother wrote me a letter." I shoved the letter against his chest and he took it gently out of my hands. "Apparently you have seen my parents more than I have. Actually I think that you have talked to them more than me. You're more of a son to them than I am a daughter."
Vadicus opened the letter and started reading. When he was finished he just handed me back the letter. Silence filled the air around us for a few minutes. "So you know about different magical creatures?" he finally asked.
“Yeah I have read books about them. It’s something I could do in my spare time that wasn’t boring.” I started thinking, “What are you and the other guys that were here?”
“All four of us are vampires. You should stay away from Arron at all cost. Be cautious around Shawn and don’t be alone with him at all.”
“Why should I stay away from Arron and Shawn?”
“Arron, to put it simply, is dangerous. I told you that you should be careful around Shawn, not to stay away from him. He is new to the whole no human blood. Sometimes he can loose control.”
“How can that be? Ocean is his brother and he seems fine with it.” It was unbelievable that I was actually talking about human blood like it was some kind of snack.
“Ocean came here a couple of years ago while Shawn just joined us a couple of weeks ago. You’ll have to ask them about it.”
“Why are you here?”
Vadicus took a deep breath, “You sure ask a lot of questions.” He couldn’t really blame me for asking questions. I just figured out that the school I was going to was full of mythical creatures found only in books. “I came here to get away from my family.”
For the moment I knew that he wasn’t going to say anything more than that. “Are there really mythical creatures like kelpies and nagas?”
“I thought we already established this. Yes there is. Everyone hangs with their own kind though. I don’t know where you tend to fit in considering you’re the only whole human. Of course I have to watch over you for a while.”
“I don’t need you to watch over me. I can take care of myself. I always have and I always will.” He was starting to get on my nerves. I didn’t need somebody to follow me everywhere I go. It’s like my own personal stalker.
“It’s not my decision to make. John told me that I would be the one to take care of you while you are here. I actually don’t think you’ll last very long here. You should just go back home where you don’t have to work and live a life of ease.”
“I’m not going to drop out. I can handle more than you think. My life is far from relaxing and easy. I’m constantly pushed by my teacher to get a better grade, which is hard when you already have a four point oh grade average. I was put in advanced classes since I was little. I have to practice piano, violin, guitar, and singing everyday. Once I finally get away from that, my idea of relaxing is going hiking. You don’t even know that half of it, so stop judging me before you even know me.” Vadicus and I were not going to get along at all. I’ll ask that John person to switch people when we get to the school.
For the rest of the walk we were silent. I suppose Vadicus didn’t have anything to say after I went all ballistic on him. Soon a large, three-story, red brick building appeared in front of us. There was a large pond in front of the old style building. It looked very nice, almost like a mansion.
“Welcome to Nightwalker Boarding School. You’re now entering our world,” said Vadicus. I walked towards the school getting ready for my new life to begin.
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laurakay1995 said...
May 10, 2011 at 3:29 pm
this story is fubuloso!!! Vad and Artemis' relationship is a little stony, but thats how the best love stories are. SOOOO much better than Twilight!!!
CrAzYaNn replied...
Jul. 9, 2011 at 10:24 pm
Thanks .. still needs a lot of work though

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