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Nightmare: Blood and Gore

March 25, 2019
By LivingNightmare777 BRONZE, Dundalk, Maryland
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LivingNightmare777 BRONZE, Dundalk, Maryland
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Be yourself. Don't take anything from anyone, and never let them take you alive.

-Gerard Way

After finding out about Fallon’s fire power (no pun intended) and the formation of our team, the Hellraisers, saving people died down. I mean, we stopped some drug kings and such, but no one major. We stayed silent for two months. We stuck close together, but there was one disadvantage to Fallon joining the team: She became a target for every bully in the school. She was constantly picked on for becoming friends with “the nerds”. But she never let it bother her. Instead, it made her stronger. We were all sitting in the cafeteria during breakfast and talking about random stuff, when a girl came running in, screaming “HE’S DEAD!! SOMEONE, PLEASE! HE’S DEAD!!!” She fell to the floor, crying hysterically. The teachers went to comfort her, and the students started to murmur. We all looked at each other and quickly ran to where the girl ran in. There was a medium sized crowd surrounding the horribly mutilated body of a senior boy. Blood was splashed across the walls, his head was caved in on the right side, and the wall had a message written on it in blood. It read “HE KILLED MY FRIEND. NOW HE ROTS IN HELL.” We all looked at each other. Fallon’s face was white, and Frankie was at a loss for words. I said “Guys, we’ve got a villain out there.” They both looked at me when I said this. Fallon said, “Who would do this?” No one said anything, and we continued to stare at the bloody body.

The rest of the day was ablaze with chatter. Everyone was trying to figure out who the killer was. The police came earlier and questioned the girl on what she saw. She said that she saw a flash of white and turned to see her boyfriend being hacked to pieces by someone with two silver katanas. She couldn’t see the person’s face because they were wearing a mask. It was also white, except for the eyeholes, which were black. The figure disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, leaving her boyfriend dead and blood splashed all over her new clothes. She cried the rest of the time and was sent home early due to “mass amounts of hysteria” as Mr. Reed put it. The three of us walked to our respective first period classes. It was an A day, so we didn’t have the same classes, but Fallon and I had the same lunch. First and second period were full of talk about the epic showdown that happened a couple months ago and what happened this morning. Third period I had Creative Writing, one of my favorite classes. Ms. Avallone, my teacher, really liked my fiction stories. I had written a lot of them at the time, ranging from Internet story to Internet story. My first was The Philadelphia Experiment, and my last and longest story was about Lavender Town. I walked in, and everyone fell silent when they saw me. My friends, Juli, Sasha, Trey and Bri stared at me, silent but accusing. I was worried. Ever since the battle when my demon overtook me and Spiderwing and the Arsonist (That’s Fallon’s name), no one knew about me. I sat down at my table and started to write. Everyone started to write as well, and no one else looked at me. When lunch hit, I walked out and met up with Fallon. We walked together to the cafeteria, trying to figure out who this “White Ninja” was. White Ninja started to circulate amongst the students about halfway through first period, and the name stuck. We sat down in the cafeteria, and I went to go get my lunch. After grabbing myself a slice of pizza, chocolate milk, apple juice, and an apple, I went back to Fallon and sat down across from her. I said “So, do you have any suspicions on who this White Ninja is?” She shook her head and said “I don’t know. I have my suspicions, but they don’t fit.” She started to spout off names. The first she said was a kid by the name of Gary Anders. I immediately said no to that. She wanted to know why, and I said “If he’s a killer, then I’m God. He couldn’t hold a sword without going ‘Huh, I wonder what this does’ and driving it through himself somehow.” We both laughed at that remark. She said Elizabeth Hook, and I said “No. She’s my friend, and she wouldn’t kill anyone since that requires effort. She’s not lazy. She just doesn’t like doing stuff.” The last person she said was Caitlyn Virts. I stopped short of this. She was another friend of mine, but she had told me that someone had hit her friend with their car. about a month and a half ago by someone from this school. But there were other people who had loved ones killed by people from Patapsco, so it was a possibility, but it wasn’t concrete enough to be final. I told her “She might be a possibility, but there are other people in this school who could have wanted revenge on that guy. From what I’ve heard, he was the one guy to get drunk, go drive, hit someone, go to court, and get off since his dad’s a lawyer. He’s hit and killed at least three people, and he was given a sentence for a year and a half, but his dad got him off on a technicality.” She stared at me, opened-mouthed. She said “I can’t believe that. If I was someone who got killed by him, I’d kill him too.” I said, “I know, but we have to keep an eye on these three people.” She nodded. I sighed and said “Now, enough talk about White Ninja. I want to eat my pizza and die in peace.” She laughed, and we proceeded to eat our lunches.

When lunch was over, we walked back to our classes. Fallon had Mr. Bellinger for English, and I went back to Creative Writing. I sat down, and Ms. Avallone said “Okay, were going to do workshopping.” Everyone groaned. Workshopping meant that she had us sit with her one at a time and talked about our stories. They were good, such as what and where to improve, but the process took forever. She said, “The first story I want to workshop is CC’s story “’The Philadelphia Experiment.’” I groaned and went to the corner, what she called her “conference room”. She called me CC because there was another Charles in the class, so she called him Charles and me CC. Anyway, the process took forever. She started on how she liked the plot of the story and the meaning behind it. She then started to critique it by saying where dialogue should be and what it should look like to be a little better, blah, blah, blah. I sighed and took it all. I wouldn’t possess her to go away. I liked her, but this was so boring. After she finished lecturing me on where to place dialogue, I went back to my seat to work on another story. I was about three sentences in when there was a knock at the door. I looked up and saw the police officers of the school. I thought Shit, what did Frankie do? Juli opened the door, and they looked at me and said, “Come with us.” I went with them, and they started to talk. The officer on my left said, “We know that you are friends with Fallon Miller and Frankie German.” I said “Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?” The officer on my right said “It has a lot to do with a lot. Step in here please.” They led me to an empty science classroom. I sat down nearest to the whiteboard, and they sat closer to the door. Heart beating rapidly, I asked “Why am I here?” The police officer who looked like my uncle said, “You have been hiding information about you, Fallon and Frankie.” I suddenly realized what this was about. “You guys aren’t police officers. You’re government agents.” They both sighed and said, “We hoped you wouldn’t notice.” I was so angry. They dressed up as police officers, a federal offense, and tried to get information about the Hellraisers from me. I asked, “Did you also ask Fallon and Frankie about this?” The one who looked like my uncle said, “That’s secret.” I smiled and said “Well, the info you want about us is top, top secret. You’ll never find out about us.” They both grimaced and said “Okay. If you don’t want to tell us, then we’ll have to torture it out of you.” They both pinned my arms to the table, and I tried to fight back, but it was hopeless. The one who looked like my uncle pulled out a little device that looked like a lighter, but more complex. He flipped it open, and out shot a flame of blue light. It wasn’t tall, but it was hot. He put it near my arms, and I cried out in pain. He said “Now. Will you tell us about you three?”  shouted “NEVER!” He increased the flame size and heat on two small dials on the side of the giant lighter. He put it close to my skin again, and asked “Will you tell us now?” I screamed out but laughed at the same time. “Sure, I’ll tell you that we’re descendants of Galileo!” He yelled out and increased the flame’s size and heat until it was a foot in length and white. He was about to put in on my arm when there was a loud bang behind us. They turned around to see what happened, and I took the opportunity to throw the other agent over the table and send him crashing into the wall. The other agent turned to face me, but I socked him a good uppercut to the chin. He grunted and fell back. The other guy was getting up, but a flash of silver sent him back down, screaming in pain. The first agent went to shoot White Ninja, but I quickly produced a ball of hellfire and threw it at him. He went down, burning and screaming. I set fire to the other agent, too, just to get rid of the evidence. Remember, hellfire burns everything, and it doesn’t leave any types of residue or marks. I turned to thank White Ninja, but white Ninja spoke first. The voice was deep, and I recognized it as a voice modifier. White Ninja said “No need for thanks. I saw you in trouble and needed to help. You were almost killed. What did they want with you anyway?” I smiled and said, “Can’t tell you.” White Ninja laughed and said, “I’m not a government agent.” I laughed and asked, “Who are you really?” White Ninja fell silent. After twenty seconds of silence, White Ninja said, “I’m someone who you know well.” I couldn’t ask any more questions after that, for White Ninja ran out the door and disappeared before I could grab them. I was so confused, having millions of questions zooming around in my head. I wanted to find White Ninja, but I had to get back to class. I went back to Creative Writing and sat down in my seat. Juli leaned over to me and asked, “What did they want?” I wanted to tell the truth, but in doing so, I realized that I’d put the Hellraisers in danger. So, I said “They wanted to see if I knew anything about the person who killed that guy.” She sighed and said nothing more. Class ended, and I went to my fourth period, Forensics. We did a bone lab, and that was it. Nothing more about White Ninja, but I kept my eye on the corner towards the back door, since that’s where I burned the government agents. The front door was fixed. Guess it was found and fixed before anyone could talk about it.

   I walked home with my friend, Elizabeth, and she couldn’t stop talking about White Ninja. I interjected at some point, asking “Do you have any suspicions on who they could be?” She froze, and quickly said “No. No idea.” She stared at me for three more seconds before starting up again about White Ninja. When I turned to go on Marsdale and walk into Key Landing, where I live, and she kept on walking to her house, I started to think about why Lizzy acted so weird when I asked her if she had any guess as to who this person was. My demon spoke up and said “She knows who White Ninja is. We must force her to tell us who White Ninja is. Also, they said that you should know them, since your close to them. So, who do you think it is?” I said, “I don’t know.” He sighed and said “Well, you better find it out. Also, you have to let me out in about three hours.” I said “I completely forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me.” A young couple walked past me and started to mutter about how I was crazy and lonely. He asked “Can we curse them? Please? They deserve to be cursed.” I said, “Okay fine”, and he cheered. I turned to face the couple and said “Pemilikan.” They both froze, and I willed them to roll down the ABC streets. We both laughed, and I went home.

  I walked in the door, and I immediately said to my parents “I have to let him out today. In three hours, I’m going in my room, locking the door, and staying there for the rest of the day and night. I’ll be back to normal at five in the morning. Also, I’m taking some food back there with me, so we don’t starve.” They nodded silently and said nothing. After finding out about me being half-demon and how powerful I am, they agreed to whatever I said, fearing that if they didn’t, then I’d let my demon have fun with them or I’d curse them. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some fruit and canned food. I got about three armfuls of stuff to eat before I went into my room and locked the door. I put my bag and computer on the floor next to my couch and waited until five o’clock to transform.


  When five o’clock rolled around, I sighed and began my transformation from human to demon. He came out, and I fell into The Abyss to observe him through red eyes. In case you were wondering, two months ago, he took control of me and went on a rampage during school, killing fifteen students and three teachers. Spiderwing and Arsonist stopped him, and we made an agreement to where I had to let him out for twelve hours on two sperate and different days in one month. For example, he could be freed in January on the second for twelve hours but couldn’t be freed on the third. But the sixteenth would have been fine. Also, the days couldn’t repeat in a new month. If I freed him on January sixteenth, then I couldn’t free him on February sixteenth. It was complicated, but I managed. For twelve hours that day, he stayed in my room, eating aluminum cans whole and tearing through fruit with sharp teeth. He stayed awake during the night, but I fell asleep in The Abyss. I could still see through the two red eyes of ours, but I was asleep. Think of it as a kind of out-of-body experience. At two fifty-seven, things changed quickly. I woke up in The Abyss from hearing quiet rustling coming from my parents room. I thought it was them, but my demon though otherwise. He let me have a little control back, about fifteen percent, but he kept the other eighty-five percent under his control.  We went to my parents room, and saw White Ninja tying my parents up and dragging them through the hall leading into their room. We froze. Now, we both hated them, but liked them at the same time. So, upon seeing this, we both flew into a rage. We attacked White Ninja with our claws but missed when Ninja sidestepped away. Ninja kicked off the wall and flew at us, foot out, ready to deliver a crushing kick. We grabbed Ninja’s foot and threw Ninja into the wall behind us, sending chunks of plaster everywhere. Ninja recovered quickly and advanced on us. We went to slice Ninja, but Ninja jumped up in the air and kicked us with rapid speed, rebounding off of us after every kick. We grabbed Ninja and threw her down on the floor. It was a wonder the floor didn’t break. Ninja let out a mighty scream of pain, and we towered over Ninja, ready to attack if necessary. Ninja tried to get up but couldn’t. I got up in Ninja’s face and growled. “Why are you here?” we asked. Ninja said nothing, but we could smell blood coming from both parents. Ninja was planning on killing them and painting another message onto a wall. We were both blinded with fury. We grabbed Ninja by the throat and threw Ninja against the wall. We asked again why they were there, and finally Ninja said “I’m here to protect my friend Charles. We sit together in English, and he tells me of how his parents treat him, and I wanted to make sure he never had to face them ever again. After killing the jerk who ran over my friend, I got a taste for avenging those who were mistreated and abused and killed. Please, let me go.” We both gasped. We realized who White Ninja was. Before I could make sure, Ninja jumped up and threw herself out of the window, hitting the ground and running away. He wanted to go after her, but I said “No. we know who Ninja is now. Let her go.” He said that he really wanted to chase her, but I kept saying no. Eventually, we put my parents back in bed and untied them. Ninja must have used a sleeping gas on them, because it spread. My brother and sister were also asleep, and so were my cats. My door was closed, so it didn’t affect me. It cleared out, and I knew that everyone would wake up late tomorrow, around eight tomorrow morning. We went back to my room after making sure everyone was fine. We locked the door and stayed there. My clock read three-o-five. The fight lasted only eight minutes, but it seemed like forever. I went back to sleep in The Abyss, and he stayed awake.

When five o’clock rolled around, he let go and I transformed back to human. I was excited. I had discovered the identity of White Ninja and was too excited to pretend to sleep. I couldn’t hold it in. My parents were out cold, so I could talk as loud as I wanted. I called up Frankie first, and it took me four times to call until he answered. I said, “Hold on a sec” and dialed Fallon. She picked up after the first ring. She said, “What’s up?”, and I put both on speaker. I said, “I found out who White Ninja is.” It was silent for a whole minute before Frankie said “You did? How?” I told my story to them, and it was quiet again. Fallon broke the silence by saying “So, you just figured it out because you believed her about where she sits?” Frankie said “Yeah. I mean, how can you tell if it was me or not?” I could hear the smile in his voice. I smiled back and said, “I saw through her mask.” Silence yet again (we could have played the quiet game). Frankie broke it again by saying “Okay. We need to meet up as fast as possible.” Fallon asked “Now?” Frankie said “Yes. Now.” Fallon said “I can’t. My parents will flip when they don’t see me in bed when they wake me up for school.” I said, “Leave that to me.” We all hung up, and I teleported myself to Fallon’s house. She cried out in surprise when she saw me, and I said, “Stay here.” I went to her parents room and whispered “Tidur”. They fell into a deep sleep, I could tell. I went back out to the living room, and Fallon said, “What did you do?” I said that I had put them to sleep for an extra hour, and she said, “You can do that?” I said “Yes. Now, hold onto my arm and don’t let go.” She grabbed my arm, and I said “Darkne.” We teleported to Frankie’s house, and Fallon fell to the floor, gasping. I said “I know. The first time I teleported, I lost my breath too. You’ll be fine.” We faced Frankie, and he said “Okay. Now, to Tiff’s house.” I said, “Grab my arm again Fallon.” She said, “I don’t want to.”  I asked her if she knew where Tiffany lived, and she said she didn’t. I said “This is the fastest way to travel. It’s okay. You won’t run out of breath if you keep your mouth shut during travel.” She grabbed my arm reluctantly, and Frankie grabbed my arm. I said “Darkne” again, and we appeared at Tiffany’s house. She woke up with a start, and Frankie said “It’s okay. It’s just us.” She got out of bed and said “You could warn me next time. You scared the absolute crap out of me.” We all laughed, and we stepped out of the corner. Her room was small. It had a poster of a wolf above her bed and various drawings and paintings of animals, people, places, and other things. Her bed looked small but comfortable, and she had a chair with a computer and a desk that was cluttered with small electronic pieces. I said, “This place looks like an organized mess.” She chuckled and said, “I try to keep it nice, but my desk stays cluttered, no matter how hard I try to keep it clean.” I laughed and said “Same.” They all asked me about my first encounter with Ninja and told the story of the agents. When I was done, Frankie went to the window, looking out at the street as if expecting a package. Fallon asked “Why did government agents want to know about us? And how did they find out about us?” I said “Okay. They’re the government. What do men with power want? More power. They must have found out about us via Internet and tracked us down. I think they wanted to weaponize us. Maybe they still do.” Everyone fell silent. Tiff said “well, do you know this White Ninja.” I said “Yeah, I do.” She said “Don’t keep us in suspense. Tell us who it is.” I took a deep, shaky breath, and said “It’s my friend Caitlyn Virts.” Everyone got quiet. Frankie spun around, and Fallon looked shocked beyond belief. Tiffany looked confused, and I explained Caitlyn’s story. Eventually, she understood. Frankie sat down hard and said “Great. One pf our friends is a villain and the government wants to use us for protection of national security. What else could go wrong?” Tiffany said “Okay. I don’t know who this other girl is. Is she a hero too?” We all said “Yes, and she explained her powers to Tiffany. After explanations were over, I said “Now that that’s over, we need to focus on where Caitlyn will strike next.” Frankie said “It’s obvious that she leaves a pattern of killings. She goes after people who have mistreated her friends. So, Charles, as you are the one amongst us who has known her the longest, who would she go after next?” I thought long and hard about it. I had to go back to middle school to get an answer. I remember a time where this girl had fought her friend over a guy, and her friend had to be hospitalized, and the other girl got suspended. She told me that suspension wasn’t enough. I said, “I know where she’s going next.” They all huddled around me, and I said “She’s going after this girl’s house. I don’t remember her name, but she hospitalized one of her friends in middle school.” Frankie quickly straightened up and pulled his outfit out of a small bag he was carrying. He put the mask on, and said “Well, what are we waiting for?”

After we all got dressed up in our outfits, I transported us all to the girl’s house (I’ll just call her Sammy. Not her real name.) When we got there, we all saw a flash of white climb through a window on the ground floor. We all sprang into action. I went to the front door, Fallon went to the back, and Frankie went upstairs. We did this so that Caitlyn wouldn’t have a place to run when we cornered her. Frankie gave the signal, and I opened the front door. It was unlocked, which was a bad idea living in Dundalk. People had houses robbed constantly. I entered the house and heard a crash come from upstairs. It was the unmistakable sound of glass breaking. I crept upstairs, walking along the side of the steps to prevent any creaking that would give away my position. I paused at the top of the steps, listening out for any noise. I heard another crash come from the room at the end of the hall. I assumed it must have been Sammy’s room that White Ninja was in, so I crept to her room, quiet as a mouse. Someone tapped my shoulder, and I nearly hit the ceiling. I spun around to face Fallon, and I whispered to her “Don’t do that! I almost set you on fire!” She whispered back “Sorry.” I groaned silently to myself, and we proceeded to Sammy’s room. I opened the door and saw Ninja tearing the room apart, throwing pictures of Sammy’s family against the wall, slicing her mattress with her swords, and destroying anything in sight. It was pure anger and hate. It thickened the air like the air before a thunderstorm in July. I closed the door, turned to Fallon, and saw she had put on her uniform. She said, “Is Frankie ready?” I was ready to answer when I heard another crash come from Sammy’s room. I knew that it was Frankie because I heard “Who are you?” from Ninja. I said, “Let’s go.” We burst into the room. Sammy’s room was big. It had two windows, both broken due to White Ninja and Spiderwing. Her room was trashed, with broken pictures on the floor and bits of mattress everywhere. It was still for about five seconds, then White Ninja charged me and Fallon. She jumped into the air and tried to deliver a flying kick to Fallon, but I quickly intercepted it with a kick of my own. In case I never mentioned it, I know jujitsu. She flew back and landed on both feet, staring at me with the black eyeholes that passed for her eyes. She tried to advance on us again, but Spiderwing bound her with a stream of webbing from his hands. She fell to the floor, struggling against the thick webbing that surrounded her. I thought it was over, but I noticed a red patch on the webbing. I quickly recognized it as fire, and moments later, she broke out and pinned Spiderwing to the wall with multiple ninja stars. He tried to get them off of his outfit, but the stars were in the wall deep.

Ninja then turned to face Fallon and me, and I said to Fallon “You ready?” She said “Always.” We advanced on Ninja, and Ninja advanced on us. We met in the middle of the room, fighting while Spiderwing watched helplessly. Ninja punched Fallon hard, and she went down, knocked out. Now it was just me and Ninja. She delivered a roundhouse kick, but I caught it and threw her against the wall, leaving an outline of her body. I laughed when I saw that, and it must have made Ninja angrier, because her attacks increased with speed. But I was able to intercept and block everything. I knew jujitsu, and she knew karate, so the fight went on for what seemed like hours. It was autopilot for me: punch, block, kick, dodge, catch, roll, repeat. I noticed that she seemed distracted, and her moves were tiring out, kick by kick. Her last move was to try to kick me in the crotch, but I grabbed her foot and sent her flying into a wall. She got up, breathing hard. She was tired, I could tell. I looked at her through the black eyeholes and said, “Bring it.” She got up, took one look at me, and went to the window and jumped out. I thrust my hand out, and Ninja levitated in midair. She screamed “Let me go!”, and I said “In a little bit. I have to help my friends first.” She screamed, and I ran back to free Spiderwing. I put my hands to the stars, and I pulled with all my might, but they were lodged into the wall. I grunted and pulled back, panting. Spiderwing said “Turn into a demon!” I did what he said and was able to pull the stars out of the wall without any interference or effort. He fell to the ground and said “Thanks.” I smiled my deadly smile and brought Ninja back into the room. I had her face me and transformed back to human. Ninja gasped, and I put her down. She stood across the room, staring at me in shock. I said, “I am half-demon, Caitlyn.” Another gasp, and she said, “How did you know it was me?” I laughed and said “I saw through your mask. Can’t hide a thing from demon eyes.” She put her head down, and slowly took off her mask. Her blonde hair fell out, and I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her glasses. Her eyes were water filled, and I realized she was ready to cry. I said, “Where are your glasses?” She looked at her mask and said “I programmed my mask to give me exceptional vision. I don’t wear them when I’m White Ninja.” I said “Oh. Well, don’t cry.” She said “I was killing people out of anger for what they’ve done to my friends. I didn’t realize that you were so good at this.” I smiled and said nothing. Sometimes, when a girl goes on a rant, it’s best to just be quiet and listen. She continued on, saying how she started the plan to become White Ninja after learning about the guy who killed her friend, her first kill, the people she killed after the guy, and everything else. After she finished, I said “Do you want to be a part of the Hellraisers?” Her eyes brightened up immediately when I asked her that. She quickly said “Yes”, and Spiderwing said “Good. Four people.” He removed his mask, and Caitlyn said “Wow. Two friends, Charles and Frankie. Then who’s the knocked-out person?” I said “That’s Fallon. Ability to produce any kind of fire. Except hellfire. I can make that, but she can handle hellfire.” Fallon woke up then and said, “What happened?” I laughed and said, “Caitlyn just joined the Hellraisers.” She said “Oh. Okay. I guess that’s good. We’ll have more people.” We all laughed, and light flooded the room. I peered outside and saw a car pull up in the driveway. Three people got out, and I said, “Everyone hold onto me.” They all grabbed my arms, Caitlyn and Fallon on my left and Frankie on my right. I said “Darkne”, and we all disappeared from the room and the house.

We all appeared back at Tiffany’s, and Tiff woke up. She looked at us and said “You’re not dead! Yay!” We all laughed, and I explained what had happened. We all talked, and I said “Well, time to get back. Our parents will wake up soon.” It was 5:55 in the morning. Five minutes until they woke up. I teleported everyone back home, and soon went back to my own house. My parents woke up and cane into my room. They saw me awake and walked out. I muttered under my breath “Yeah. Nice talk.” I got dressed for school and went out to the living room to watch T.V. until I had to go to school. At 6:40, I left my house and walked to school. It was freezing cold outside, but I kept warm with a ball of fire. When I got to school, I saw Frankie, Fallon, and Caitlyn sitting there. When they saw me, they all said “Hi!” I sat down at our table and said, “Crazy fight.” Caitlyn blushed and said “You really kicked my ass. I didn’t know you knew jujitsu.” I laughed, and everyone laughed. We talked about how it all went down, when Sammy walked past us, staring at us like she knew we damaged her house. We all looked back at her, and she said “You all are freaks. Stay away from me.” I stood up and smiled. She stepped back and said, “That doesn’t scare me.” I laughed and said “Bet. How about you stay away from us. Then we’ll all get along.” She said “No. I haven’t done anything wrong. You are the problem. Stay away from me. all of you. Especially you, Charles.” I smiled again and said, “Why me?” She said, “I just don’t like you, that’s why” and walked away. I sighed and called out “At least I’m not dating the whole football team!” Everyone in the cafeteria busted out in laughter, and she stormed out. I sat back down and said “Well, that was fun.” Caitlyn said, “You just made an enemy.” I laughed and said, “How so?” Caitlyn leaned in. We all followed, and she said, “her father’s a government worker in charge of finding information about us all.”

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