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Psychic Volume 1: Chapters 1-8 (Exam Part 1)

Author's note: My first volume of Psychic. I plan on making it an ongoing series, and I thought that putting...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My first volume of Psychic. I plan on making it an ongoing series, and I thought that putting the chapters into small chunks would be kind of cool, so hopefully you guys will like it. Any criticism is VERY appreciated in order to enhance my writing skills. Enjoy!  « Hide author's note
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What is a psychic?

On this planet , there are people, but not all of them are exactly normal. You have different races, languages, religions and beliefs, which is normal. Then there is the abnormal. The abnormal is something you cannot attain overtime, learn or discover. It is just something that happens. These people, the abnormal, are called psychics.
Psychics have been around for more than 2000 years now, dating back to ancient time periods. Despite how long they’ve been around, the reason that they have these supernatural abilities are unknown, and even after 2000 years, not even the most intelligent people could figure out the psychics and what they are. Researchers all across the world still try to find out the secret behind these powers, but the only people that can truly discover the secrets behind these powers are psychics themselves.
Psychics are devastating creatures to all of the normal ones out there, and some psychics have even been called monsters. This is with good reason, though, as some of the most powerful psychics in the world can wipe out an army of 1000 men within seconds. If this power is placed inappropriately, then disaster is sure to strike. Anyone can have these powers, good or evil, and Knox Blood was just another abnormal. He is a psychic.

Knox lay in his bed quietly, trying to ignore the high pitched twerps of the birds sitting in the fake trees around his house. To be more precise, his house was more like a shack, considering that it was a three roomed, unstable piece of trash. As the light peaked through his window, he was well aware that it was time to start the day. He slowly dragged his lazy body out of bed and into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
In the kitchen, Knox cleaned off the dirty pans from last night’s dinner. He grabbed a full box of cereal to the right off him, along with two bowls from his shaky cabinets. Though cereal wasn’t much for him and his 9 year old sister, Celia, it was better than what they usually had every morning, which was nothing at all. After his father left, permanently, to be exact, he’d been working a minimum wage job at a market in the center of South Mercury City. He never had to chance to go to school or even hang out with other kids his age, which he always found odd, only because his dad constantly reminded him that school isn’t necessary. Even with minimum wage, after paying for the house and other bills for the mayor, Paul Vauhan, he barely had enough money to feed the two of them for dinner, let alone breakfast.
From the left side of the room, the rotting wooden door started to squeak open, revealing Celia, who was still dressed in her pajamas. Her eyes were still tired from morning fatigue, and her short, brown hair still messy. “Morning, Knox,” she said, tiredly.
Knox smiled. Even though his life wasn’t very good, his sister always made him feel happy. “Good morning. Hey, look. My boss from the market let me take home some cereal from the market yesterday. Here, eat up.” Knox handed the bowl to the excited Celia, who hadn’t eaten any type of breakfast for months.
While eating the cereal, Celia looked up to Knox and asked, “Hey, do you think daddy will ever come home?”
Dad. Knox always felt his stomach quirk whenever he heard the word ’Dad’. It had already been 2 years since Knox’s father left Mercury city to head to Kiruku island for a special job. Without his mom, who died right after Celia’ birth, his dad was the only person he had left to look up to. He could still perfectly picture his dad talking to an old man, dressed up in a black suit and tie, which meant he probably worked for the Mercury City Government, or MCG. After that, his dad left, without even saying goodbye. However, Knox wasn’t worried. His dad wasn’t just some normal guy, he was a psychic, and a strong one, too. Knox had seen his dad take out a group of fifty people in under a minute. He was sure that his dad was still alive.
“I don’t know, but dad’s no loser. I guarantee you that he’s doing great on his mission. It’s just taking him a while, that’s all.” Knox himself had some trouble saying that to his sister, but all he could do was hope.
“Well, back then, when dad was still around, we had a really nice house and lots of money. It’s because he’s a psychic and he’d always do secret mission for the government, right?”
Knox nodded. “Yeah, that’s right.”
“So, well, you’re a psychic, right?” Knox nodded once again. There was no getting around it, Knox is a psychic.
Celia started to continue. “If you do jobs for the government, we won’t live like this anymore.”
“I know that, Celia, but you’re missing the point. You have to understand that dad didn’t do his jobs to get money. The money was just an addition. He did his jobs to help people. You know, protect them from bad psychics and stuff like that. Dad told me a few months before he left to only use my psychic powers when absolutely necessary.”
In a toned down voice, she replied, “Well, this is kinda necessary.”
Knox chuckled. “Maybe you’re just too young to understand. It’ll come as time goes by.” Knox looked outside to see that the sun was rising quickly. “Damn,” he muttered. “I might be late.” He rushed into his room, put on his only clean clothes, which was a pair of white and black checkered shorts and a long, plain red t-shirt, and darted out the door. While outside, he yelled, “See ya later, Celia! Have fun at school!” Knox smiled as he looked back at his house, seeing Celia waving at him through the window.

There are 4 parts of Mercury City. There is North Mercury City, which is where wealthy businessmen, and even some famous celebrities, reside, East Mercury City, which is the downtown area, including skyscrapers, stadiums and many other various buildings, West Mercury City, which is where the middle class residents live, and finally, South Mercury City, where the poor people are forced to live in the worst conditions imaginable, including scrap metal shacks, decaying log cabins, and for the truly unlucky people, on the dirt streets.
Connecting these 4 districts is an incredible sight. Something that people around the world pay thousands of dollars to see. A monument that took over 2 decades to finish. This is known as the Mercury Pillar. The pillar is a perfect square, made out of pure earth, that rises higher than the clouds. A top it lays a large, pure white manor, known as the Blessed House. In it lives the mayor and his family, and only government officials, such as world leaders or mayors of other major cities, are allowed to enter.

Inside of the Blessed House, Mayor Vauhan, the leader of Mercury City, sits back in his fine leather chair, with a nervous, yet excited, look on his face. Across the table from him is his top combatant, the leader of Mercury City’s powerful army, Mia. Vauhan lit a cigar and inhaled a large puff of smoke before speaking to Mia.
“Mia,” says Vauhan, scratching his rapidly graying hair. “this is it. You do know what today is, correct?”
“Yes sir,” she responds. “Today is the day of your daughter’s wedding.”
“Spot on. And you know that for this day only, I’m allowing every legal citizen of my town to come up here to witness Momo’s wedding. This means that anyone, including some of the real weirdoes that we’ve produced, from serial killers to rapists, to come and witness this wedding. You must realize that she’s getting married to the son of Randy Horton, who’s uncle is married to the queen of Porenzio. In the end, I’m happy because I get closer to Porenzio, and it makes my baby happy because she gets married!” Vauhan starts to push his nails into his desk. “Mia, you’re my best soldier. You MUST make sure that nothing goes wrong, do you understand?”
“Yes sir,” said Mia. She was confident that nothing could go wrong. Mia was well aware how dastardly she could be. From the outside, she looked like a normal, pretty 23 year old women, but on the inside, she had the soul of a warrior. She walked out of the office and into the hall that was connected with the balcony, waiting patiently along the fuzzy, red carpet next to several other soldiers for Momo and her fiancé to come out.
After a few short minutes, Momo, who had her normally long, brunette hair in a bun, came down the hall, her right arm locked with her fiancé. She used left arm to pick up the ridiculously long dress from the ground. She slowly made her way to balcony, greeting the tens of thousands of people who were stuffed on the perfectly flat ground of the pillar. Most of the crowd had actually only come to the wedding to be able to go on top of the pillar. The people who actually cared for Momo were all up in the front row. A large sigh came gasp came from the crowd. They were astonished by how beautiful Momo looked.
She waved at them a few times until the guards forced everyone to be quiet for the priest, who had just started the ceremony. Vauhen stood behind them with other members of his family, smiling in glee. Today was a great day for him, and he couldn’t deny it.
Back at the ground, standing at the very edge of the pillar, stood a man. A suspicious man, to say the least, who rocked a blonde, slicked back hairdo, a pair of raggedy jogging pants and a button up baseball jersey. The jersey was striped, with alternating red and black colors, and on the back, in orange print, said, ‘45 Rain’. The man looked around the crowd, spotting out the guards as they slowly moved back towards the end of the crowd, trying to shut up the occasional noisy person. Now’s my chance, he thought, as he raised his right hand, with his palm open and sweaty from the beating sun. He focused his mind for a second, and within no time, a light blue ball of energy was forming in his hand. Every second it grew bigger, until in completely covered his palm.
“This party ends here…” he muttered to himself. He smiled deviously as the blue ball lit up his hand. The ball generated such blazing heat that the man could only hold it for so long before he felt the skin on his hand start to sear. In the end, though, he knew it was going to be worth it. He deserves it. He deserves to feel loss.
In the blink of an eye, the ball rocketed out of his hand in the shape of a laser, and was aiming directly for the beams of the balcony. Before the priest could finish talking, the ball connected with the beams, completely shattering them. As the beams fell, so did the balcony, which easily stood at 30 feet in the air. In just a matter of seconds, the stone from the balcony busted into smaller pieces and quickly shattered until there was no more support. The entire floor of the balcony fell below Momo and her fiancé, leaving them falling towards the grounds. Momo and her fiancé should’ve been scared, but the scene happened so fast that they had no time to fear for their lives. They quickly hit the ground, causing a loud boom.
In shock, the entire crowd started to panic, some even bursting out into tears. The citizens were pushed out of the way as members of the Mercury City Government moved towards Vauhan’s daughter. Mia reacted the same, quickly sprinting towards the fallen balcony. She quickly turned back to see Vauhan, who was on his knees. His expression was heart breaking, and even a person as tough as Mia was devastated to see him like that. Vauhan sat in awe, with tears forming in his eyes. He wanted to cry so badly, but he had a hard time believing what was happening. Without thinking twice, she jumped off of the hole that was left by the balcony. She landed on the ground without feeling a bit of pain and rushed over to the victims, who were surrounded by at least 40 people in black suits.
“Get out of the way! Let me in, you idiots!” She shoved the men out of her away and examined Momo. Momo’s neck was clearly broken, which just made things worst. Mia was scared to do so, but she slowly placed her two fingers on the side of Momo’s neck, looking for a beat. She felt absolutely nothing. The other soldiers also confirmed the death of the priest and Momo’s fiancé.
“She’s…dead…” murmured Mia. She was in disbelief that someone had the nerve to do something as vicious as this. “Listen up!” yelled Mia, grabbing the attention of the soldiers immediately. “Find whoever did this right this instant! When you find the target, kill him and anyone who has to do with him on sight!”
“Oh, do you mean me?” Mia quickly turned to her left, finding herself staring into the eyes of the man with the blonde hair. “I did it. I killed that precious girl, and it was all due to me being, as you people would say, abnormal.” Mia’s eyes widened. It started to make sense now, how a balcony collapsed so easily. It was because…
The man raised his pointer finger and formed a small blue ball, similar to the one he attacked the balcony with. “It’s because I’m a psychic. Let me explain myself, if you don’t mind. This is just a simple warning to Vauhan. I’ve sent many letters to him where I clearly state that he should give up his spot as mayor to me, or lose someone ‘special to him’. It just happened to be his daughter. Talk about a real shame.”
Mia was speechless, and at the same time frightened. So many things were going wrong right now, with Momo dying and now an attack by a psychic. But this was not an ordinary psychic. Mia had faced some in the past, and while they were tough, she could tell just by looking at this guy that he was much more powerful. Fighting against him would be suicide, plain and simple.
“Can’t talk, b****?” he asked as he arched both of his eyebrows. “Well, you get the point. I’ll give you some more time to think about it, maybe a month or two.” He smiled the same way he did when he attacked Momo. “You better convince that idiot Vauhan up there to hand over his power, or else I’ll have to take out another relative.”
Though Mia was still petrified, she had gained enough courage to speak up. “I-it doesn’t matter anymore. We have at least 200 soldiers up here blocking all sorts of exits. You die here.” She started walking towards him, with her fists clenched. She didn’t want to take him on, but with all the soldiers with pointed guns behind her, she felt secured.
The man sighed. “Guess I gotta go. What a bummer, I was hoping to stay around long enough to talk to the mayor.” He slowly started walking backwards, up until the point where he was one step from falling off of the pillar.
“That guy can’t be serious!” said a soldier. “I don’t care if he’s a psychic or not, no one can survive a drop that far!” As soon as he said that, the man dropped down, and quickly fell out of everyone’s line of sight. The soldiers started rushing to where he dropped off. When they looked down, they were all confused, and for good reason. Even on a clear day, with not one cloud in the sky, he disappeared. There was no body or evidence of him disappearing. He had completely vanished.
Most of the crowd had already left by now, with a couple of groups loading onto the elevators at a time. With that, Mia rubbed her eyes in disappointment, walking into the Blessed House. Today was supposed to be perfect, but one man found a way to ruin it all. She wanted to know his name so badly, just so she could curse him. She ascended to the top floor of the house, waiting outside of the mayor’s office. A soldier quietly exited the room, giving Mia a nervous look that signaled her that the mayor wasn’t doing well. “Did you tell him the news yet?” she asked.
“Yeah, he took it much worst than we expected.” replied the soldier.
Mia sighed once again. “I’ll take it from here. You tell the rest of the soldiers to start rapping up the victims.” The soldier ran off as Mia entered the room, finding that the once neat room had been completely torn to shreds. Every piece of furniture was flipped, the painting and vases were smashed and scattered all across the room, and there were several holes in the wall. In the middle of it all was Vauhan, who was face down on the floor weeping.
“Sir, w-”
“Shut up!” yelled Vauhan at the top of his lungs. “Everything was ruined! My daughter, my sweet Momo, she’s gone because of a terrorist attack. A psychic of all people! My father was right about psychics, they’re good for nothing!”
“Sir, please, we need to discuss what we’re going to do about this. We need to make sure no more attack happen ever again.”
“It doesn’t matter anymore!”
“It does matter, sir!” screamed Mia, shutting Vauhen up. “This guy isn’t an average psychic, he’s much stronger. He can do so many harmful things. We have no intel on this guy, and as far as we know, our soldiers aren’t going to be able to stop him.”
“Then what will?” asked Vauhan.
“I was thinking about it after the attacks. When our men were too scared to fight, it hit me. We need to fight fire with fire if we want to kill this guy.”
“In other words?”
“We need to recruit our own psychics to fight that psychic.”
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