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The Rings of Fate

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Author's note: Please leave comments...I need to see what I need to change. Thanks! :-)
Author's note: Please leave comments...I need to see what I need to change. Thanks! :-)  « Hide author's note
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After a ride on Splash Mountain and the crazy Ferris wheel, he felt his throat was dry as the desert. He bought a bottle of water with his remaining two dollars and sat down on a bench to cool down. Suddenly, a knife came out of nowhere and embedded itself a centimeter away from James’ head. He couldn’t move, he was too scared. A man stepped out of the streaming crowd. He was twirling another knife in his hands. He was aiming; the knife was leaving his hands…it turned into a fire ball. The flames was greedily eating up everything in its path. The man hissed in annoyance and pulled out a dagger. By this time, James has regained his senses and dived to the left and the dagger quivered in the space where his head was. He felt someone tugging on his hand.
“Follow me! The fire is going to burn Disneyland!” It sounded like a girl but he couldn’t be sure.
He saw a jet of water arching above his head. It put out some of the blaze but the rest was spreading quickly, too quickly for a normal fire. Someone yanked on his hand and pulled him towards the nearest exit. The person continued to run outside of the destroyed entertainment park. James had to choice but to follow because the person still had his arm. Now that they were out of the chaos, he studied his savior. She had black shoulder length hair that was in pigtails and was about his height. Something went off like crazy in the back of his brain, but he couldn’t remember what it was. After a couple of twist and turns, they stopped in front of a small brown house.
The girl pressed the door bell and waited. She looked like she wasn’t even tired after the run. James was bending down, panting. He looked at her face. She had a small mouth, big brown almond shaped eyes, and a sculpted nose. Her face was pale and it looked like an upside down egg. The door opened. An old man with a balding head stood at the door way. He was leaning heavily on his cane. Even with his body frail, James could see wisdom and adventure in his kind chocolate eyes. When he looked at James, he eyes widened and whispered something under his breath.
“Quick, come in.” He ushered them inside.
“Grandpa, what took you so long?” The girl asked once they were under the roof.
“It doesn’t concerns you, but I was busy,” It was all the old man said.
He gestured for them to sit around the dining table. They stared at each other for ten minutes straight until James broke the silence.
“What’s going on? Who are you guys? What do you want with me?” He tried to sound brave but his voice came out like a five year old.
“Let me see your hands,” the old man commanded.
Confused, he gently placed his palms on the cool dining table.
The man and the girl gasped simultaneously was they looked at his hands. No, they weren’t looking at his hands, they were looking at the ring.
“Quick, Livie, put up the spells!”The old man scrambled around, trying to find something.
The girl went to the front door and started murmuring under her breath.
After the both of them settled down and were seated again, they were staring at James again.
“I take it you are James Hamilton? Adopted by Linda and Zachery Chang?” The old man said.
“Yes. How do you know?”
“I am Brendon Zhu and this is Livie Zhu. Don’t worry we won’t hurt you. We are…friends of your parents. You can just call me Grandpa.”
“Do you guys have one of the rings?”
“Shhhh!” Grandpa and Livie shushed him at the same time.
“Don’t go around saying aloud all the stuff boy, didn’t your mother taught you anything about our enemies? But yes, we have the water one.”
“Kind of…She managed to tell me a little before she passed on.” James felt a lump in his throat. So it’s true. All of the stuff his mom said is true; all the thing that he thought was the ‘crazy stuff’ is true.
“She passed on? Do you mean they are dead?”
James nodded.
“In the name of the Qin, we are worst off then I thought. You have the fire one, I could tell from the rubies. But how did you manage to find us?”
James and Livie looked at each other.
“You do it,” Livie said.
James had no choice but to recount the tale of Winnie the Pooh and flaming daggers. Grandpa was staring into space when he finished. James was looking at the Chinese dragon on top of the fridge when they heard a rumbling sound. All of them where alert at once, looking around for any signs of dangers.
“Don’t worry, it’s only the garbage truck,” Grandpa said.
Livie and James relaxed but were still alert. James was too busy to notice the interior of the house before, and now, he takes a good look around. The house is small but clean and neat. There were cupboards and shelves everywhere. A sofa sits in the middle of the living room. What he was most interested in, though was the Chinese dragon on top of the fridge. It has blue scales, red mane, and yellow horns. It was sculpted with an intensity that James hasn’t seen before. The dark black eyes are full of wisdom and sadness.
“I gather that you have no training at all?” Grandpa asked.
“What training?”
“He definitely needs it; we don’t want him setting the whole Los Angeles on fire next,” Livie said.
“That’s what I thought. We have to condense the training into our time frame. We have no idea when you two will be leaving, but we will have to manage it.” The old man was talking more to himself then them now.
“Where will we be going?” He feels like a lost kitten in a dark alley. He has no idea what was going on except for the little part his mom told him.
“To find the other rings of course. Did you think after coming here all of the other ring bearers will come barreling through our front door?” Livie and Grandpa stared at him weirdly.
James ducked his head; he could feel the blood rushing up to his face. He had thought the job would be over once he reached Los Angeles. Clearly, that is not the case. He could hear them murmuring quietly over some plans. James felt his eyelids droop down. His head banged against the hardwood table.
“Ow!” He rubbed his head.
“Livie, take him up to the guest room. He has had enough excitement today.” Grandpa looked at him sympathetically.
He slowly got up and lumbered after Livie. She led him up the stairs, to the room at the far end of the hall. He didn’t pay much attention to anything else. He was concentrating on staying awake. She held the door open for him as he stumbled toward the bed. James fell asleep as soon as his head touch the pillow.
It’s the scene again. There are the three other kids and him in a clearing. All of them were surrounded by an element. There was the tall and graceful girl surrounded by dirt, the boy lifted by air, and the other girl covered in water. With a start, he realized the one of the girls is Livie.
“Four rings,
Four families.
One shall deceive,
One shall gain,
One shall lose,
And one shall defeat.
Strong as the ocean.
Weak as a teardrop.
Four rings,
Four families,
One destiny.”
Their voices rang across the clearing. Their faces turned towards James.
“Learn your strengths and weaknesses; we need you to complete our circle.”
The image started fading, and fading, until there is nothing but a bright, bright light…
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4

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