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Re: I Love You

I Love you is very powerful and I agree with you 99%. But the only thing we think differently about is I don't think everyone will find true love. I think this because we all know love is tricky. It's deceiving and confusing and just plain painful sometimes. I think I'm in love with someone every day, but I figured out I'm only in love with being in love. You follow me? You never know when true love is TRUE love. You can think your in love with your best friend, but it's just mistaken for brother- sister- best friend love. And some people are not meant to BE married. Like I don't want to be married because I want to be a pediatrician and I won't have time for a family, and I promised myself I wouldn't give up my dream for someone else because I've been doing it my whole life. And it would be selfish of me to have a family when I can never see them. And I and many other people can be very happy doing that. But, I must say, I also have some fantasies and dreams about sleeping close to my husband in bed and telling him how my day was. Like I said before, Love is confusing, but I put my trust in God, and what God wants me to do is what I will do and what will work out for me. So I don't think we all get that prince or knight in shining armor, because some people are their own heroesand don't NEED a perfect, fairy tale ending.

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