I got my chance and proved it

January 16, 2008
You tell the play. Run to the center, with sweat runnin' down your eyes you yell "Red 45, down set, hut, hut , hike." You back peddle, look deep your #1 wide reciever is cover tight. You look at the kid who usualy sits on the bench, he's wide open. you launch one to him. He catches it at the 30yrd line, Runs into 3 defensive men. First one he jukes, second one he blows by, finale comes the third guy who he runs into but keeps his legs moving. " He's got the 10, the 5, TOUCHDOWN!!!" Yell's the anouncer who happens to be the boys father. The boy smiles in the endzone. Then the team hits him to the ground. He says " I got my chance and proved it."

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