How to get ahead of the pack in distance running

May 20, 2009
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Many wonder how runners get to the front of the pack it’s not only how physically fit you are, but your tactics play a big role as well. Whether you are running a 5k or a marathon regardless you can succeed with a little help.

When trying to get ahead you must think positively. Thinking positively really builds up your self esteem, making you believe that you can do anything. If you believe in yourself then anything is possible. Also, remember that when you are negative around your team or others it really does trickle down. So keep those negative thoughts to yourself and be optimistic.

Stretching is very important and many forget or simply don’t do this. This is a big no, no. With stretching you are less likely to pull a muscle, have improved range of motion, and less or no soreness after. Those are enough reasons for me to stretch.

Practice is one of the most important parts of getting ahead of the pack. The more physically fit you are, the faster you are. It’s just a fact of running. Like your coaches always say, “practice makes perfect”.

Striding up and down hills are a great to help you get physically fit. Remember, short strides up the hill, pump your arms, and stay on your toes. On your way down the hill remember to use long strides, and to lean forward.

With staying positive, stretching, and practicing you will see how much of an improvement it could truly be. It worked for me and could work for you. Good luck!

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