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The Thing That Gets Me Everytime

May 11, 2018
By juliagoldberg BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
juliagoldberg BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Everyone knows that one moment when he or she takes their first step of the trip into Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and sees Cinderella’s castle. For me, in particular, the second I spot the castle, I immediately become entranced by the magic that seems to fill this place. The last time I had this experience was in March of 2017; I had a competition that just so happened to take place in the most magical place in the world.

We were staying at Pop Century, and there was a line for the bus that was excruciatingly long. However, nothing could ruin the feeling of anticipation I had. After probably a good forty-five minutes to an hour, we finally got to the park. I was walking up to the bag check in front of Magic Kingdom with my friends. Of course, we were so excited we could barely walk through the metal detectors. The workers scanning our wristbands could probably feel the eagerness radiating off of us.

Then, we finally made our way through. And there I was, finally getting to set my eyes on Cinderella’s castle. The spectacular landmark was practically a magnet for my sight. I took in the grandness of the castle: the light grey stones, the blue tops of the towers, and the red and blue flags.  There was also the people, the balloons, and characters that added to the effect too.

I got a feeling of surprise, although I knew what the castle was going to look like. I feel like every time I go, the castle gets bigger and bigger (even though I know it doesn’t). The surprise came in the exact moment I looked at the castle. I probably looked crazy because I was in such wonder of the towering home of a princess.

Now, my sight wasn’t the only sense intrigued. As I was walking down Mainstreet I could smell all the delicious treats Disney World has to offer. I know that when a person goes to Disney World, he or she doesn’t just ride the rides and meet the characters. That person also has to get every single one of the delicacies that’s offered. I talking about treats like the Mickey shaped ice creams and churros. When I got one of Disney World’s churros, it was like heaven for my taste buds, and I kept buying more of them. The cinnamony taste was addicting. 

With a churro in my mouth, the castle became even more amazing. I was almost in shock because of this magnificent mansion. I probably stood in my place for a solid two minutes before ever moving from where I was standing. The people trying to walk behind were likely getting annoyed as a group of eight girls just stopped and stared. Nevertheless, we did not care. We were just so stupefied by the castle.

The sound of Disney was also like no other. The music in front of the castle was soft and magical. It would have been enough to make me fall asleep if I only hadn’t been so excited. There was also the sounds of people chatting and cameras clicking. I was dazed by all these sounds.

In conclusion, my trips to Disney World always leave me sad to go home. The castle plays an important part in that dejection when I leave because I want to stay longer to see everything there is see, hear everything there is to hear, and taste everything there is to taste. Particularly, on this trip, I had a very unenthusiastic attitude toward going home because it was then that I realized that Cinderella’s Castle was what draws me to the place. Not to mention, the castle is also what gets me every time.

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