Dear Mom

April 14, 2018
By Soup1039 GOLD, Christiana, Pennsylvania
Soup1039 GOLD, Christiana, Pennsylvania
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Dear Mom,

I’m sorry that I’m gay. That in your words, I’m weird. I’m sorry that I like the same sex. But please Mom, stop suffocating me. Stop making excuses for why I’m gay. Excuses like, it’s TV, it’s friends, it’s the internet. Mom, it’s me. And no matter what you say, plead, or deny that I’m gay, you can’t change who I am: a lesbian. I’m sorry that I disappoint you, that I weird you out, but please, please, accept me. I’m tired of the “you’ll grow out of it,” the “it’s a phase.” It’s not something I can grow out of mom. I can’t just snap my fingers and say, well ah! I’m not gay anymore! I’m gay mom, and I’m sorry that I’m weird, different, whatever you want to call me, but please accept me as I am. The more you suffocate me and deny that I’m gay is only going to me feel worse, as if it’s my fault that I’m gay. But it’s not my fault that I’m a freak of nature, I just am gay.

Sincerely ,
Your daughter

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