March 28, 2018

I have been anxiously waiting for this day, to finally use the voice that has been locked shut by the media. It was 8 p.m. and the rapid cold breeze almost took my poster that I held in hand, which read ¨Build a bridge, not a wall.¨ I deliberately walked towards a group of hundreds of people that wanted what I wanted: change. The circle slowly turned into a long snake as people started taking over the sidewalk. And so it began. We headed towards the recognized Trump Hotel in the famous Strip of Las Vegas. As I began walking, confidently holding up my poster over my head, I began to get nervous. Plus, my parents hesitated to allow me to come here in the first place. Within a couple minutes, we started chanting in unison as we were in the heart of the Strip, where cars crammed the street and civilians crowded the sidewalk, filing in and out of sports bars and novelty stores.


Tension started building up at my core, I did not want to make eye contact with anyone, not even my twin sister who accompanied me. Near the corner of my eye, however, I could see hatred and disgust in those people's faces as they took another sip of their cold beer. Turning to my left, I unfortunately made eye contact with a 50-year-old man, who was about 10 ft away from me, stalking my every move.¨You´re not even eighteen, you can't even vote!¨ he screams right in my ear.

I turn around and, one last time, see his outrage in his face and the echoing of his friends laughing in my direction. I walked faster than before to escape their presence, vigorously attempting to not shed a tear.

Along the final moments before we arrived at our destined location, “Deal with it, he already won.¨ and ¨Build that wall¨ showered each one of my ears multiple times, but I disregarded it and kept on walking. I never knew the response others would have when a 16-yr-old boy used the voice he, and others, are destined to use. It made me realize the amount of power one can have on the world if you use it wisely. Protesting against something I did not believe in increased my independence and self-confidence. We, as the next generation, should not support an idea by a hashtag, but through political action to show our resilience and the true potential our voices truly have in which the media covers. Change doesn't happen in a few weeks or months, but it lasts forever. As I looked up the golden 64-story building, I raised up my poster once again as chanting filled my ears.

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