Lost in the Forest

March 27, 2018
By vanessa_z SILVER, Ventnor, New Jersey
vanessa_z SILVER, Ventnor, New Jersey
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I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

“This is going to be the best summer ever” Valeria said.
“I hope so” I answered.

Valeria was my sister, she was eight years old, and she had short blond hair and blue eyes, and a very nice smile.
My family and I went camping, it was a little nice house, every time we went camping I enjoyed hearings the birds sing, and feeling the fresh air

Summer had just began, I was all exited, and I never knew that in that summer I would learned how much I love my two siblings.

“Hey guys what are we going to play, I’m ready” My brother Juan said entering the bedroom. Juan was five years old, he was fast as a cheetah, he was a very happy boy, and he always tried to make you feel better in the hardest moments.
“I have an idea, we can have a walk and then we can see the sun sent, it’s really beautiful” I said.
“Yoo-hoo, this is going to be awesome” Valeria exclaimed.
“I already ask mom, and she said yes” Juan said.
We packed some snacks, and we were ready to go, I would never forget the cheerful faces of my brothers.
When we were walking the air was hot as a desert, but we enjoy it like if that was the last time we would be there.
“OH! Look that little rabbit, it looks like me” Valeria screamed.
“Are you serious” Juan laughed
We stopped to eat our snacks while we were watching the winsome sun sent, we tell jokes and had a really fun time. Then we were making our way back.
We enjoy the fresh air, and the sweet smell of nature
“Guys, I think that I forget something I’ll look, you stay here, don’t move” I said.
“You always forget things, don’t take too long” Juan replied.
I was feeling like Mr. Kane when the Eagles won the Super Bowl.
Then all the fun and joy depart suddenly.
I saw the gray grey sky and I had a bad feeling, I quickly knew that something atrocious was going to come.
I went back to where my brothers were…but they weren’t there.
“Guys, come on we need to hurry up, I have a bad feeling about the weather” I said.

No response…

I quickly look everywhere looking for my brothers, the wind was going so supersonic, that I could barely see clearly.

“JUAN! VALERIA! Where are you, come on! We need to hurry, this is not funny guys!” I screak, but again I had no response… The only noise that I heard was the whistle of the wind.
I was alone in the woods looking for the most important persons in my life.
A tear came down my cheek.
I was feeling like I had lost my treasure.
I hurry running through the woods looking for my brothers, but there was no clue of them.
The only thing I found was my sister’s doll all wet, with mug, I picked up and kept looking.
I thought that maybe they went home, but how if I was the one who knew the way back home.
I went back home as fast as I could, maybe I could get some help.
“Honey are you ok?” my mom asked
“Yes, but my brothers disappear I don’t know where they are… Mom please forgive me I didn’t know that the weather was going to get so bad…”
“Sweetheart everything is ok, your brother are safe, they are here with me, we also thought that you’re lost”, my mom said.

“What! But I was the only one who knew the way back home, do they knew already?” I asked.
  Then my two brothers enter in to the room, I felt a deep relief.
“You’re not the only one who has a brain, we also remember all the way home, we’re waiting for you, but you took too long so Valeria and I decided to come back home”, my brother explained.
“Yes, Vanessa you took too long, it was like a million years” my sister joked.
“Sorry guys, I was looking for they keys, and then when I came back to come back… but you weren’t there…I was feeling a hole in my heart, I love you guys” I said almost crying.
“We do too” they response.
“Ok, so know that everyone is happy, how about a hot chocolate with marshmallows on top?” My mom suggested.
“Yoo-hoo, another happy ending” my brother shouted.

The big lesson that I learn that time was that no matter how many times you fight with your brothers, or have misunderstandings, they’re always going to be always by your side, making your world a better place.

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Life it's like a puzzle, and each person it's a piece that forms it.

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