The Boy Who Rebuilt Me

March 2, 2018

It all started February 8,2017. I was sitting in spanish class when a really cute guy walked in, immediately I felt a connection with him and started writing a note to introduce myself because I'm shy but by the time I had finished he disappeared.. After class I had walked up to my brother, Ashton and said,"I have to find him." The next day I see him at lunch and ran into his arms and ever since then I've been in love with him. 


Now March 2, 2018 I'm still crazy in love with him and I think he loves me too but we aren't dating. We've tried to be in a relationship 3 times and each time I messed it up. But if I get a fourth chance you can bet I wont mess it up. And I think it's crazy how patient he's being with me. Like I said when he said forever I can tell he meant it.

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