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February 27, 2018
By Ns1703 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Ns1703 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Isn’t crazy how kids don't realize there's anything different about them until they go to school and their told otherwise. A couple years ago when I first moved to california I was painfully unaware of how segregated the schools were. I remember walking into my 6th grade class and seeing my teacher (white) who looked me up and down and after awhile she finally asked “Do you speak spanish?” I replied “No”. Then she continued to say “Your not black enough to sit with them[ pointing towards a group of black students] and your not white enough to sit with the white students, so you will sit with the mexicans and hopefully learn the language.” After what the teacher said had sat in my head for a while I was in total shock. I was completely stunned that I had got grouped up with other kids because we had a similar skin color. No need to say my mom was very upset.

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It was my first experience when I came to California, and since it was tramatic it will stick with me forever.

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