My Card to Freedom

January 30, 2018
By laurenw2 BRONZE, Murrieta, California
laurenw2 BRONZE, Murrieta, California
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The burning desire, the need of reaching a point as a teenager of receiving your first step of freedom. One little card permitting the ability to drive anywhere and everywhere. Hoping behind the wheel, adjusting the mirrors, and getting on the road focusing on the car and destination. Slick leather smoothing over the steering wheel that grazes under your fingertips as it glides from one turn to another. The muggy surroundings swallow you whole as the heat cranks up and bakes you fogging up the  windows, suffocating your sight during morning drives. The thick scent the little air freshener disperses into the air which fills the vents with fake evergreen mist. The clicks of the blinker reminding you of the frustration of a child tapping your shoulder for full attention. The stop and go of traffic at each light that blinks green, then yellow, and finally red. Echoes of brakes screaming, engines revving, and winds wrapping around the car’s shiny exterior surround your ears as you tune them out, focusing on the dashes of the road laying out in front of you. The age sixteen has a hold on this freedom as well as taking the proper steps of achieving this freedom. As well as the age restriction, parents must provide permission and funds to achieve this. With a permit you can almost taste the sweet treat dangling right in front of you as you approach the glorious age of sixteen. Each time you sit behind the wheel a craving for that treat of driving grows increasingly stronger. Sadly each time you sit behind that wheel with your flimsy piece of paper full of signatures and regulations you have a nervous parent screaming commands at your “poor” driving skills. The only advice I can give is to push through and keep the sweet treat of a license in your mind.

The author's comments:

As a teen getting your license is a big deal. On top of the many others pressures you face in highschool, this is one of them. Going through the process currently I have a deep understanding of the importance of driving in a teens life. 

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