A World of Snakes

February 1, 2018
By jona__m SILVER, Tirana, Other
jona__m SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Have you ever been to a  beautiful astonishing forest with colorful flowers and peaceful trees where you are relaxing and everything is quiet? While enjoying the view, with nothing on your mind, something bites you, confuses you, and you notice a snake and in that split second all that peaceful and quiet view turns into pain and stress? Well, I have.

Three years ago, I had a “best friend” named Arba, a really important person for me at that time, with whom I shared all of my problems and secrets. We had been friends for a couple of years and I fully trusted her. We knew everything about each other and we were inseparable. We went to each other houses, sat together in class, teamed up together for everything, but also argued a lot, however, that made us stronger. I was happy and felt blessed to have such a wonderful friend like her.  However, one day we had an argument for something not even worth arguing about. and just like every other argument we had, I thought we would move past it, but little did I know that that argument was the beginning of the end.

We started to hang out with other people and weren’t  talking to each other, but that was common. I was sad but felt like we would just make up sooner or later and a week passed. She requested to talk to me during lunch and I thought that we would forget what had happened and move on, but I was wrong. While sitting with some friends, I approached her with some of my friends. She started laughing and started being impolite towards me. As a result, I did the same and we started arguing louder until there was a circle of people around us. In between all that arguing, she said something she shouldn’t have because it was something she only knew. In that moment I felt like I  just got bitten by the snake in the forest.At first, I was confused and shock due to how I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. After the shock, I saw something in front of me that I hadn’t seen before in all those years, a snake.Like a snake that doesn’t move at first, Arba didn’t show any signs that she would turn out the way she did. Then the snake wins your trust, which she did, and just when you let your guard down, the snake bites. The bite isn’t always fatal, but it does always leave a scar to remind you of that experience. That scar makes you understand that you should never trust a snake again, even if the snakes don’t look alike.

It has been two years since the occurrence and I have grown to understand more. I realized that as good and caring as friends can be, you should never let your guard down completely and that there is so much you can tell your close friends, but you can’t tell them everything. Also, I understand that you should be careful about the information that you give and who you give it to. I have learned that you should get more information than give, but most importantly I have come to understand that snakes are born in their nature, they can’t change how they are born to be, but people can. People are born in a world where they can choose who and what they want to become, however,  they don’t use this opportunity to choose to live in the right path, but they use it to choose to live the life of a snake.

The author's comments:

After this experience, I felt the need to share my story with other people. This occurrence is very common in our society and I wanted to warn the other to be careful and not to make the same mistakes that I made.

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