Introvert vs. Extrovert

January 17, 2018
By may530 SILVER, Hartland , Wisconsin
may530 SILVER, Hartland , Wisconsin
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Remembering the last time I had a full conversation over a phone call is hard to do. Remembering the last time hearing mom talking over the phone was easy to do, it was last night. Her phone yells notifications within seconds she puts it down.  Her conversations are always energetic, racing from one topic to another. Being the daughter of an extrovert gets tiring considering I am as social as a bear hibernating in the winter. Alone time often means listening to music in a cozy bed, being cozy enough to fall asleep and into utter silence, while silence doesn’t exist in an extrovert’s kingdom. An extrovert’s silence is as quiet as New York City’s streets during rush hour. Although my mom and I are at opposite sides when it comes to a social life, we manage to get along just fine.

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