Dream of Flying

December 29, 2017
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Do we ever learn the secret, to flying, or anything morally close to it?

Sure, hover boards are similar to the subject, but issue here, is that they don't actually hover.
Two wheels, and harder to balance on, than your own two feet.

I always remember how my mom loved the color red, and just how she wished to be free, like a cardinal, who has finally learned to fly.


To show a lot of kindness, and be as selfless as can be;

That's the only way to describe her, that I can think of. The only word, because no word is able to say as much as the image of her in my mind, and those words she says to me, "You're okay," because she knows what's going on inside of my head, and she knows exactly how to calm those, whether her presence known or to not be.

I want to fly.

I want to be free; I want to forget about everything, and be like her.

Soaring through the red and orange sky as the sun finally rose from the dark, the moon letting her breathe, and being able to see how far this world has come.

People say, that your main idol in life, is probably a celebrity, maybe someone such as Ariana Grande, or someone close, but your most true idol, is probably right in front of you.

My mom, was my idol.

I aspire to have her share of kindness, and selflessness, and be able to have her strength of hope and prosperity, and to mostly,

be free.

I love you, mom, and it's been a year now, and I know you're watching over me, I can hear your voice and feel that sense of presence around my body when I'm at my lowest, or when I'm at my highest.

We miss you, mom. 

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peachireu said...
Jan. 4 at 6:26 am
i was the both "i love it" and "i relate"! because i do. instead of celebrities, the one who inspires me the most is my uncle. he is, incredible
-snookums replied...
yesterday at 5:51 pm
Thank you! Also, yeah, the idol that inspires you just might be across the room from you. Your uncle is amazing, I bet.
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