A Note to Him

December 28, 2017


He gave me a necklace for my birthday and i loved it. The necklace pressed to my skin felt like warmth of his heartbeat but now… now it feels like it is burning my skin. It feels as if every word he said is a cut in my skin. Every sentence like a weight of hope lost and every text feels like hell!!!!! I want to scream in his face! I want him to know my pain i want him to feel my hell. I want him to cry as i watch. It was my birthday the day that was supposed to be happy but no… no he had to come and take that happiness away from me. Like he takes everything else from me. Why cant he see my pain. Why cant he see that my heart is breaking. That my world is breaking, why cant he see this. I LOVE HIM but he doesn’t even care. Does he know he is breaking me into pieces. How could he do this to me. I gave him the world but i got nothing in return. I was happy so happy before him and then he came and i was happy but now… now i can’t even tell if im happy or just facking the happyness i once had. I’m done. I’M done. I’M DONE. I’M DONE!

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