Always Be Aware

November 30, 2017
By Javier07 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Javier07 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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As my sister and I decided to go play soccer, we also decided to invite our friends. We lived in apartments, so it didn't really take long to gather everyone together. As we were waiting for one of my friends to come out, my sister shouted, “ Hurry up! ”

“ On my way! “, my friend replied.

We waited and waited and he was taking a while, so I noticed a little park on the side and I thought it would be a good idea to throw the ball over the fence. Let it be known that the fence was made out of metal, and I wasn't the best at jumping fences.

“ Are you ready now!? “, One of my other friends asked loudly. “
Almost! “, answered my friend.
As he was on his way down the stairs, I let my sister know that I threw the ball over the fence.
“ Why would you do that? “, she asked.
“ I didn’t mean to. “ I answered knowing I did mean to do that.

My sister jumps the fence and throws the ball over. I thought it would be funny to throw it back. As she was making her way back for the ball, she throws it back again, I decide to throw it again.

She gets mad and screams furiously, “ Stop it’s not funny, next time you're going for it! “.
She throws it back, and of course I still decide to throw it over again.
“ You know what, you go for it! “, She told me.

She started walking over to another fence to go to the soccer field. Both of my friends waited for me as I attempted to jump over it, I attempted at least 3 to 4 times to jump over the fence and finally, I was able to jump over it. The park was old so there was some pieces of wood on the floor. I walked over to the ball. I noticed this piece of wood on the floor. I picked up the ball and walked towards the ball and I looked at the piece of wood but I guess I didn't look at it close enough.

I got closer and closer and looked at the piece of wood. I noticed there was a nail but I looked for a quick second, and saw the head of the nail and to me it looked like it was deep into the wood, so I stepped on the wood. As I took my next step I noticed the wood, moved I looked down.

I thought to myself,  “ Oh maybe the nail just got stuck into my shoe.”

Just to let you know I didn't feel no pain, not one bit. I dropped to the floor and tried to untie my shoe lace for I could take my shoe off. Unfortunately my shoe wasn't the only thing the nail went through.

“ Call my sister, a nail went into my foot! “ I spoke nervously.
“ Yeah you’re lying “, my friend replied.
“ No look it’s stuck “, I responded.
“ He’s not playing! “ shouted one of my friends.

They both shouted my sisters name. They both quickly hopped the fence and my first friend grabbed the wood and was removing the wood slowly, and nervously, causing him to make the hole in my foot a little wider. “ Move out the way! “, my other friend came in and pushed my other friend out the way. He didn't’ hesitate and quickly pulled the wood out. My sister quickly hopped the fence and took my shoe off.

“ Damn, you're losing a lot of blood! “, she exclaimed.

She takes off her white shirt, knowing she had a tank top under, she wraps it around my bloody foot. They quickly call my mom. I’m still in no pain, I just feel more blood running down. My mom arrives and my friends carry me over the fence. And i’m on my way to the emergency room. 

I learned a lot from this mistake. I learned that I have to be more careful, I have to appreciate things that most people take for granted, just because I was very close to losing my foot because it was infected and the nail was very close to ripping apart one of my veins.  And there are people out there without a foot, or any body part. So every little thing. I also learned that I should know when to play around and when to take things seriously or normally, because if i would've stopped throwing the ball over, I wouldn't have stepped on a nail. I as well learned that a recovery isn't easy, and ever since then I try to keep my body healthy or try to keep it in the best shape I can possibly get it in.

The author's comments:

My favorite mistake, painful but learned a lot.

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