The People We Take for Granted

November 2, 2017
By GissellePV BRONZE, Hemet, California
GissellePV BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Did you ever realize how much we actually take for granted and when we do realize it’s too late. That moment that you lived is gone. There's nothing you can change or do about it all you can do is think about it. Your parents might have done so much for us and we all take it for granted and well that’s too bad because no matter how bad it might have seems at that moment those were the moment you cherished the most.

Like the moment they embarrassed you in front of your friends but in reality she thought she was doing the right thing by saying something goofy or maybe kissing you on the cheek to show her affection towards you;or maybe when your dad was wearing some funky clothes that people were all talking about or maybe had a weird accent that made everyone laugh at you. When in reality he left work to show how much you earning an award for most improved really did mean to him. In the end, they are your parents the same parents that go to your baseball game to support you even when you strike out. There your number one fan no matter what happens.

The thing that really sucks is the way we acted toward the things they might have done such as when your mom called you her little princes pinched your cheek and kissed you once your mom left you told your friends she is your aunt and not your mom. Maybe it was when you asked your dad to go out to a party with all your friends and your dad said no. You might have said you hated him. But do we really mean it maybe at the moment we might have. Do they really deserve it though?

Through all of it, there are just some perfect moment like the time you guys came back from the beach and sang your guy's favorite song or the day they took a day off from work and you guys went to watch a game. Those are things we take for granted. The moments that last so little but leave the greatest mark. The moments that might have seen unperfect are really the ones that are perfect.

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