Personal High School Experience

October 19, 2017
By , Wilmington, DE

In this essay, I’m going to tell you about my highschool experience… so far. From being friends with everyone and being involved in school activities, to isolating myself. From having good grades and then slowly starting to slip. It all started in 9th grade.

In the beginning, 9th grade, I was everyone’s friend, I talked to everybody, and I enjoyed being around people. It was all peachy. I played sports for the school, I was very involved with school programs and activities. I had decent grades in the beginning of the year. I was truly happy and pleased with the way things were going.  In 10th grade, it all went downhill.

At the start of my 10th grade year, I could tell it was going to be harder. More work, more essays, homework, etc. I started slacking a lot, because I didn’t have the energy or motivation. I couldn’t stay on top of things, my mood had started to sink, and I’d zone out in class. Id hear what was going on but I couldn’t comprehend. The words would go in one ear and right out of the other. Me being apathetic caused me to not focus on what was going on and I’m still like that today. Towards the end of 10th grade I had barely passed a couple of my classes. English and math to be exact. The one highlight of my tenth grade year was that I passed driver’s ed and got my license. Now I’ll get to present day, 11th grade.

My 11th grade year has barely started and I’m already feeling uneasy about the whole thing. English and math are getting harder. I’m taking chemistry ontop of all of that and it’s a challenge. And even on top of that, SAT’s are this year. I have to do good so I can get into college. I’ve been keeping to myself. Although I do talk to a lot of people and I am very amicable, I don’t have many people i consider to be on the “friend” level. I do have a best friend and she’s been my best friend since freshman year. For the most case I choose to stay away, because when I get involved with people in class I get diverted which is what happened in chemistry and english class. So far as you’ve read, you should have an idea of what high school actually is.

High school hasn’t been easy but I do enjoy it here. Yes, I know, that doesn’t sound so promising according to what I’ve just explained. Let’s just see what 12th grade brings me.

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