Rushing to Trouble

October 5, 2017
By ness19xx BRONZE, San Pedro, California
ness19xx BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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When I was in sixth grade my mom didn’t let me dye my hair, wear makeup, or wear acrylic nails. The friends that I had during the time were allowed to do everything. Some had their nails done, some wore makeup and others had their hair dyed. At lunch or after P.E I would see my friend group retouching their mascara. There I would be standing right by my friend admiring her eyelashes and fascinated at the fact that her mom let her wear mascara. This made me feel childish because my mom didn’t let me. I had enough, I wanted to feel grown.

The next day, as I was getting ready for school, I kept peeping in my mom’s room checking if she was done with her make-up. She later came in my room to tell me she was leaving to work and quickly said goodbye. This was my chance I thought, so as soon as I heard the living room door close I zoomed to her room and grabbed her makeup bag. I took out the mascara and her eyelash curler with excitement. The eyelash curler looked scary to me, it looked like scissors. After many times of seeing my friends apply their mascara I finally tried it myself. The curler pinched my eyelids but I didn’t care because I was so happy to me finally doing it myself. Next, I applied the mascara it was the “great lash” mascara by Maybelline. There was mascara marks on the eyelids with clumped eyelashes, but even then I still didn’t care.

My dad took me to school without noticing I was wearing something my mom didn’t approve of. I thought to myself “I’ll never get caught. My dad doesn’t even notice and I’ll wash it off before my mom comes home!”. I got out the car ready for school confident because now I can be like all my other friends. At snack I was with my group of friends waiting for one of them to notice. My best friend at the time was the first to notice. She immediately said, “OH MY GOD Vanessa are you wearing mascara!?”

I smiled and responded “yes!” feeling cool and grown.

Before school ended I rushed to the bathroom, wet a napkin and wiped off my mascara. Dinner time comes around and my mom finally asks me how my day went as she sits next to me. She looks directly at me when she stops mid sentence and pinches my eyelash. She sees the mascara residue on her finger. “Why are you wearing mascara?” she asks.

“I’m not?” I said hoping I still a chance to get away with it.
“Vanessa then what is this black stuff?”
“I don’t know my eyelash curler had mascara when I used it this morning?” I replied.

My phone was later taken by my mom for wearing mascara and lying. During the time of having my phone taken away I realized that going through all that trouble was not worth it. There is a time for everything. I was rushing to do something when it wasn’t my time yet.

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