My Trip to the Library

October 5, 2017
By Anonymous

  The library is a safe and sound place where you can study and read books. Back then as a small child, I dislike going to the library. My parents always have me go with my siblings when they go to study without my computer. The outside of the library is not much but the inside looks nice and comfortable, not too hot or cold. It is full with a lot of books in shelves placed very neatly. There is a selection with children playing while there are some adults and teens at the computer selection. All in all, it was a very welcoming place to work at and I won’t have mind it that much if I have my computer with me since I can’t log in on those computers in that selection. ‘’Do you want to check anything out’’ asked my dad looking me. ‘’I don’t know but I’ll see’’, I said.


  My siblings went to a table that is in the middle center of the place at the back of the library. Books are taken out of the bag and placed on the table. They look to be studying. I find that to be a bored so I went to the movie section of the library. There are not much I like since there a lot of old videos that I don’t think I want to see or I have already seen. Time have past, I wonder what my siblings are doing so I went to look for them. At the back of the library, they were still there. I can guess I was a bother for them since one of them told me, ‘’You should pick a book to check’’, said my brother. ‘’No’’, I say back. He look sad at me and said, ‘’You have to read a lot when you get to college and this is good for you in the future’’. Giving in, I decide to give it a try.


  The first book that caught my eye is a book called ‘’Goddess of Yesterday’’, it is about a girl name Anaxandra who mistaken for princess Callisto. It is set in the Trojan War where princess Helen run away with prince Paris. I like the character of Anaxandra and the way she get out of bad situations. It’s a good book and it helps I like to read stories based on ‘’Greek Mythology’’.


  The second book that also caught my eye is called ‘’The Son of Neptune’’. It is about a demigod son of Neptune so it very got my attention since it sound so interesting. At that time I never hear about Rick Riordan who wrote the ‘’Percy Jackson’’ series that is a sequel to ‘’The Heroes of Olympus’’ series. Imaged my face when I found out there are more books like this. I was very happy at the time and I real every books by Rick Riordan that have to deal with mythology. An example is the ‘’Kane Chronicle’’ series that have to do with ‘’Egyptian Mythology’’.


  The third book that I came to like is called ‘’Negima! Magister Negi Magi’’, it’s a manga. It’s about a boy name Negi Springfield, a 10 year old boy who came to work as a teacher in a middle school. He is a wizard who want to find his father who went missing. It has a anime that does not do the manga justice and a sequel called ‘’UQ Holder’’. The sequel follows Negi’s grandson and descendants of the past characters. That is the experience I have that got me into reading. The sky start to darken and my sibling looks tired.


  I wait with my brother and sister outside waiting for our dad. A familiar car show up. My dad ask me, ‘’Did you check anything out’’. I did check some books and I didn’t very need to lie so I said back, ‘’Yes, about 5 books I think’’. He looks happy I think at that time. That night I finish all the books in about a week. Reading can be fun if you have something you have something that you find interesting. It can also make life easier for you in the future when you take ‘’English’’ where you have to read and write.

The author's comments:

I like to go the library. It is a good place to study.

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