Why You Aren't in Love at 13

By , Linden, PA

One year ago, in seventh grade, I met this boy. I knew his name, let's call him by his first letter in his name "N", because I had him in my fifth-grade class. We didn't talk then, so it was shocking when we even uttered a word in seventh grade. He had a "Glow Up" as my friends called it. We talked and my friend asked him out for me. He said yes.


October 12th, 2016, was the best day of seventh grade for me, because we started dating. We weren’t too serious of a relationship, we held hands and all that, but we never did any adult things, like other kids my age were doing. I thought we were doing well. Like I said, I THOUGHT we were doing well. I was wrong.


May of 2017, we had a huge fight. I thought it was over, but then he told me, "I love you." I was shocked. I loved him too. And I said that, also. "I love you too!" We had our first kiss. MY FIRST KISS! I was so excited. Soon, summer hit, and we both went our ways. We texted all summer, but then eighth grade started. I found out we didn’t have classes together, so I was upset. After the first day was over, I ran into him. "Hey!" I smiled. He didn't do anything. Nothing. He just walked away. I was a little hurt, but I didn't let it get to me. Finally, I got home from school and went to check my phone. There were three texts from my mom, dad, and sister all wishing me to have a great day. I smiled. Suddenly, a new text popped up. His nickname, "Baby", flashed on my screen. I was so excited. He didn't mean to forget me outside at school that day!


I opened the text and read it. It broke my heart. It read: "Hey, I don't really love you anymore, so I'm breaking up with you." I didn't know how to respond. I was crying as I typed back, "Ok.". I was heartbroken. He didn't love me at all. He just didn't want to be single in seventh grade. I saw him with a girl the next day. I ran into the bathroom and cried. Finally, my mom saw I was clearly upset. We talked about it, and my mom gave me words I want to live by," Honey, I know it feels like you love him, but you haven't gotten to know him. You never went through a struggle together.  You never went through life with him. Love takes time, not months. You'll move on. You'll see. The only people that should matter are your real friends and family. I love you.". She kissed my forehead and went back to cooking. I suddenly felt strong. I didn't need him in my life if he was just going to use me. I put on a brave face and went to school the next day. He made me worry about my image, and this year I'm going to be god dang proud of myself. So, to all the girls at there about 13/14, just know you aren't IN LOVE, in love. You might think you know everything there is about love, but you really don't. Love isn't "holding hands" and "going out on dates" and "kissing". And I can't tell you have love really is either. Why? Cause I'm just a teenager. I don't know everything. Right now, all that should be important is what's right in front of me: family, friends, and school. And for you other confused about love girls, don't worry about that. Worry about what's right in front of you; YOU. If you kept shining light about the past, the future isn't going to be bright.

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