The Biting

September 27, 2017
By siennadittmer302 BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
siennadittmer302 BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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I stood there staring at it. The mole swung loosely from my precious little six year old hand. My hand limply dangled by my side as it gushed blood. I was unaware of the pain, unaware of the spots that sprinkled my vision with blackness, all I saw was the hot blood pouring from my hand.
It took two seconds, yet it felt like hours while he sank his
fangs into my soft little hand. No scream escaped my tight lips. Just shock as
it clinged to me, like a staple clutching the paper.
I instantly shook my hand as forcefully as I could desperately
trying to shake the creature off. Maya, my best friend, ran screaming to the
nearest adult. The parent Maya had found rushed inside searching for a teacher
that could help.
I never budged the spot that I was standing in, although I
thrashed my arms around wildly trying to unclasp the teeth from my fingers.
Finally, the mole flew off with a thud to the ground, and scrambled to safety.
A  Teacher gently grabbed my hand and wrapped up my fingers in cloth.
While I was being led to the nurse's office by my kindergarten
teacher, Mrs. Smith, she was asking me different questions that I left
unanswered because I was still in shock.
After I arrived to the nurse's office I had to wait for my mother
to come pick me up, whenever my mother got to school they handed her a box that
held the mole. It turns out that the principle had gone and chased the animal
until she could catch it.
Once we made it to the hospital, we were instantly helped into a
room. The doctors had never had a case like this before so they had to do
research on moles.
Fortunately, it turned out that moles do not carry rabies. If the
mole would have carried rabies I would have had to receive 20 shots in my
stomach. Rabies is a preventable viral disease that causes inflammation of the
brain in humans, it is most often transmitted through a bite of a rabid animal.
I was a six-year-old, animal-loving little girl. An animal which I
had thought was so cute as it crawled up to me, had bitten me. In my mind this
was the most horrific thing I had ever experienced. I doubt a mole will ever bite
me again, but I am certain i’ll be bitten by life. I know that. I also know
that I will do some biting, too. And that, I have decided, will keep life
That day I learned that it’s always possible to overcome a tough
situation through out of the box thinking, and not give in to the only options
you think you have to pick from. 

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