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August 22, 2017
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  How are nature, society, and buildings related? The answer- architecture, architecture creates a link between this three aspects of life. It creates an unbreakable relationship that has existed for millions of years and has shaped human culture, traditions, survival, and beliefs. The structure of a city is the structure of its society. The structure of our homes, hospitals, schools, and all other buildings have an effect on who we are as a society, and who we are as an individual- The shape, material, texture, surroundings, and position, it all plays a major role in creating a society and its limitations.

I grew up in Cuba, in a house of concrete, a spectacular roof tiled,  with high windows, and doors made of wood with metal bars on the outside- the backyard was enormous with all sorts fruit trees, and a beautiful front yard full of flowers of different hues. I loved living there, it was like paradise- the sun always shines and the sky was always clear. I never thought that it would end- until it did.

On October 18th, 2012 I moved to the United States. As soon as I got off the airplane- I felt lost. The sky was dark, there were no flowers, no colors, no sun. Only coldness, darkness, and the air smelled differently. I thought that perhaps it would be better when I see my family- I was wrong.

My aunt, who I hadn’t seen in five years picked us up at the airport, we entered the car and headed to her house. During the ride, I was startled at the sight of this strange place; houses were made of wood, crystal windows, high ceilings, small backyards with no trees, and no gardens. Once we arrived, I was not surprised by my aunt’s house, it was the same as the others; they were all the same, even the color was the same. As soon as I stepped inside it felt strange, artificial, I could never consider such a house- a home.

It’s been four years since that first day, I have now adapted to what once was a strange, unwelcoming place. Although it took a while I now call it home. The place which I once strongly disliked, the place which made me dream about my previous home, the place that made me feel unwelcomed- that place became home. However, the person that now calls this place home, it is not the same person that left Cuba on October 18th, 2012, that person is gone just like my previous home is gone. I changed as the environment changed; I changed as the architecture of the buildings of my city changed; I changed because I created a connection with buildings, society, and environment of the United States. In doing this I did not abandon but repressed the relationship I held so close to my heart with the buildings, with the society, with the environment of Cuba.

We are the buildings, the environment and the society in which we live in. There must be a relationship between these three aspects of life, otherwise, the world would only be a lifeless puppet play. The architecture of our cities allows us to create places that we can call home, places to which we can have a relationship with, places that one can hold close to their heart. I have become torn between two places, I have allotted my love to both. However, I will always hold Cuba a bit closer to my heart.

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