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New School Year Vibes

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I’m not ready for school. Let me rephrase that. I’m not ready for the beginning of HIGH SCHOOL.  You don’t know anything about it reading from a book or magazine, there is no way to be ready. How do I know this? I just finished middle school and went in and came out a totally different person head to toe.  I promise you I’m not over exaggerating. Everyone will go through things that they will think they would think never go through. Understand this; I thank school because it made me realize the person I am around the people around me but, my style and personality it usually works against me when I’m around people. I listen to rock and alternative music mostly. I wear mostly dark hippie clothing. I’m a blunt person that expresses their opinions on EVERYTHING but I’m also very awkward. You may be thinking that there are a lot of people like me in high school but the thing is, we are usually put on the bottom of the schools caste system so people don’t really care about “us”. We are not respected equally. So you may understand my anxiety. Most people come in with a lot of confidence. I am not one of those people, and to be honest it takes me a while. From all the craziness that happened in middle school I won’t be bursting in the doors knowing that there won’t be anything to screw me. I’ll probably be the one holding up a warning sign right across my heart telling people not to break it. So in reality I won’t really be able to know what will happen on the first day of school or will I be the same person on the last. And the thing is that it happens every year so it’s kind of the same feeling. So my advice to you is to go with the flow and go with your gut. You’ll soon realize things are not what they seem. That is what I will do anyways, because four years will not go as fast as you think. 

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