A Blanket

June 30, 2017

A blanket is my chosen word. According to the dictionary a blanket is a large piece of woolen or similar material used as bed covering or other covering for warmth. A blanket is a noun and a verb. But my version of a blanket is a noun. When I think about a blanket I think of something warm and cozy.

To me a blanket can be many textures. Some are soft and fluffy, others are rough, wiry and itchy, they can even be smooth and silky. Blankets even have different weights some are light and some are heavy. Blankets have a wide variety of colors, patterns, lengths and textures. They can have animal prints, be short or long, be fuzzy or poufy. 

To me a blanket is my safe haven. They bring me comfort, something to snuggle, warmth and a safe feeling. With my blanket I feel like nothing can harm me as long as I have it. My favorite blanket is a medium length, thin, soft blanket with horses printed on it.

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