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Alone on a Summer Day

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The school year is out, but I’m not. Inside, I’m tucked in my blanket watching youtube videos over and over again for hours. It’s an obsession brought on by a sudden relaxation of work and stress. Reaching over, I grab some chips and shove them into my mouth, knowing full well of the crumbs I’m leaving. I’ll clean it up later.

Yes, the summer heat has most definitely made me a slob.

I move my hand and grope around for my mouse. I grab a hold of it and click on another tab. My arm rests beside my body once it’s job is done. Briefly, I glance through the pictures of my friends’ photos on Facebook. They’re all on some grandeur adventure away from home, and here I am inhaling ice cream and spreading chip crumbs on my bedsheets.

Tired and slightly dehydrated, I close my laptop and pull out my headphones. I stretch my body out to place my laptop on the desk beside my bed, and once that’s done, I pull my blankets over face. For a moment, I lose my place in the world.

I dream of dew drops on blades of grass with the sun shining down on top. The wind blows through me, and I find myself in a meadow. I am alone, but I stretch out my arms and admire the clear blue sky. A plane flies through, puffing out white smoke behind it in a line. The clouds are rosy wisps, leaving the sun to smile down.

I feel the wind fly around me, enveloping me into a warm embrace. I hear a yell, and when I turn around, I see a hand waving in the air. A feeling of happiness bursts through me, and I trip running towards them.

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