You Can't Save Everyone

May 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever lost a loved one ? Did you ever think that you could save them from dying ? Is there a reason why everyone has to die when the time comes ? All these questions come to my mind when I start thinking of this belief.  In my state of mind I believe that you can’t save everyone that you want to save. 

It’s very hard to see the people that you love go away because they are either sick or committed suicide.  I have experienced two important aunties in my life that was very close to me that passed away on my 7th and 16th birthday.  They were such an important part of my life and also my dad’s because when my sister was 5 years old my dad’s mom died from pancreatic cancer and when her time came my two aunties stepped up to take care of my father after the pass of his mother.  After this incident happened with the passing of my dad’s mom and my two aunties on my dad’s side I started to believe that you can’t save everyone.  When my first aunty passed away I was really sad and shocked about her death in the hospital I had a tremendous break down when my dad first told me that she passed away. 

“Dad where’s aunty ?” I asked
“She passed away in the hospital today.” he said
“Why couldn’t the doctors save her dad?” I asked
“Well Kaeley you can’t always save the ones you love sometimes it just happens without even knowing when the time would happen.” he said.

I was very hurt when my dad told me that the doctors couldn’t save them because they tried everything to try and save them but it was there time to go but now I know that they are in a better place now.  From this experience I didn’t really know what to say when my dad told me about this incident from this experience I was very speechless about it because they have been very close relatives to me and my family but mostly my father.  I couldn’t bear to see him and I being  hurt from this when we found out about it and from that point  he couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t see him being this emotional it broke my heart to see my dad in grief.  I started blaming the doctors about not being able to save my aunties in time and I would thinking that it was all their fault that my two aunties passed away.  But, then I remembered what my dad told me about how we can’t save everyone no matter how bad it hurts us we can’t do anything about it, whatever happens happens and in the end it happens for a reason not on accident or on purpose things just happen when you won’t even know when it’s going to come. From then on when one my love ones pass away I won’t blame the doctors instead I would just remember what my dad told me about how we can’t always save everyone. 

An example of not saving everyone is when Schindler's List was based on the Holocaust because when the Jews were going to get executed from the Germans Oskar Schindler tried to save all of the Jews but he could save some of them but he wanted to save all of them but he just didn’t have enough time to save them all. 

Everyone has their time coming don’t know when and we don’t know how it will happen, it could be today or it could even happen tomorrow.  Nearly about 36,000 people die every year due to their illness that they might have or due to suicidal or they have been murdered.    That is so many people that die in one year!  But, it really sucks to lose the ones we love to anyone of these circumstances an it’s very heartbreaking to know that this many people died.  It’s hard to know that we aren’t able to save everyone that we want to save but at least we know that we gave it our best shots to try and save them even if we couldn’t.  We can’t always save people just like how we can’t stop things from happening, everything happens for a reason and from there it’s not in our circle of control to stop things from happening.  From the past to the present time I still believe that you can’t save everyone no matter how hard you try.

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