Just One More Chance

May 14, 2017
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At one time or another, I think we all wish that we could go back in time and do something over. Unfortunately, that is not how it works in the real world. I know that if I had a chance to do just this year over, I would. I would completely change the way my boyfriend and I decided to break up. I would go back and wait until I got the chance to call him. I totally regret breaking up with my first ever boyfriend over text. I would also go back to the night of my sweet 16, a month after we broke up. I would tell him why I broke up with him because the feeling of him not knowing why makes me lose all hope of ever getting back together with him. Also, I would change things with my friends. I would have been more vocal and talked to them more instead of being so sensitive. I always thought they were ignoring me, so I would ignore them back. Instead of doing that, I would go back and just talk to them. This could have avoided so many conflicts and fights I had with my friends. I am thankful that we have resolved our conflicts, but I missed out on a lot of fun times because of fights. Ultimately, I will never have the chance to go back and do these things in my life over again. It would be great if I could, but the reality is once I do something I can’t go back and change it. I hope that the decisions that I would like to do over again work out in the long run and help me grow.

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