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May 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Before I get into this let me tell you that JT has given me permission to tell you about his outfit. I am not a creep or a creeper, now sit back and enjoy Joshua's, or, JT’s fashion choice.


JT never uses gel in his hair on Wednesdays, for he is a strange child. JT has short flowing blonde hair but it has some brown in it. He is a giant; he is 6 foot 1. His knees are as knobby as a door knob, and his eyebrows are dark blonde. His eyes are as green as a summer leaf hanging from a sun baked tree. His pants match his shoes; they are both a strong blue. His leg hair is a very similar color to the hair on his head. His nails are abnormally short, but his fingers are abnormally long. His hands drip with sweat 24\7. When he wears pants with belt loops, He always wears a belt. He has a very sad, and grey shirt on. His socks are white. His shirt says the words Seattle Skies. His phone matches his pants, and his phone is on 28%.


Josh is today wearing a similar outfit. Josh his wearing a shirt that costed exactly $7.99. He is wearing blue shoes-the same ones he wore on 4/19-. Instead of wearing a grey shirt, he is wearing grey pants. His is wearing white socks, and he finally used gel in his hair. Also his phone matches his outfit again oddly enough.


Josh has thrown a curve ball, and he has taken the lazy look. He is wearing sweatpants, for it is a lazy day. He is wearing a snow white mixed with a deep sea blue color for his long sleeve shirt, as if it was winter-it’s not-. Yes, before you ask, he did put gel in his hair. Usually every day at school, he wears Sparrys. Today is no different.


This is the final entry. JT is now wearing a shirt as dark and black as the night sky. It says the acronym to the school we go to, and the letters are a bright, warm red. His hair has no gel. His pants are white; they have 3 clean white strips going down the pant legs.  He is wearing short black socks and his wearing the same shoes he wore on 4/25.

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