A Trip That Changed Me

May 10, 2017
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My summers are always full of adventure, friendship, and fun. Whether its surfing in Hawaii, or sitting inside my room reading a book, it’s always something new and exciting. In the summer of 2016, I went on a trip that completely changed who I am today. This trip consisted of hiking, camping, touring, surfing, and much more. There were many important aspects to the trip, not just the activities, but how the overall experience changed my views as a person.

“Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!” yelled my counselor Chris. I stepped out of my tent to hear the crashing waves of California’s coast. I was the only one awake besides Chris, and I was to prepare breakfast for the thirteen other people that I was grouped with. After cooking the pancakes, Chris and I set up all of the cold breakfast items, and woke everybody up. Hannah, the other trip leader, and the twelve other kids came running over to thank me for preparing breakfast. I was a leader that day, meaning I was in charge of helping everybody learn to how to surf, since I had done it before. I was a leader throughout the twenty five days on my teen adventure tour, and leadership was the one quality that I gained through experiences on this trip.

All of the activities were fun, of course, but I learned more about myself from them. Having not rock climbed before this trip, I did not think that I could do it, but I learned from within myself that I could. The same thing went for hiking; I did not think that I could manage to succeed a five mile, uphill hike in Zion National Park, but I pushed myself through it.

The kids on this trip were not home friends. In fact, some of the kids were from places as far as France, Russia and Brazil, and they helped me learn who I am. I am currently best friends with some of these kids, even if they are halfway across the world.

“Listen bro, paddle hard, keep balance, and enjoy it. You can do it,” I said to my friend Orel. Motivation was a huge aspect on this trip, for the activities we did were not the easiest. I always pushed my friends to do the best that they can, and they did the same for me. We changed each other’s mentalities.

From everything that I did, to everywhere I was, made me rethink life. My experiences also remember how important it is to be away from the outside world is. For instance, I was away from technology for over a month. This may sound difficult to some, but it allowed me to learn more about the places I was, and life beyond my own bedroom.

While on this trip, there were many specific times where I remembered how bored I was at home, and wasting my time inside. One of these time was when I hiked 6,000 feet above sea level, overlooking Zion National Park. I thought back to those times, and that the views that I had seen at that moment changed the way that I now think of my time and life overall. It was how I thought when I was doing these activities. and what I took away from them that changed me positively.

My adventures through Utah, Nevada and California with thirteen other people from all over the world changed my views on aspects of life, which contribute to who I am as a person today, for I carried those views to my normal life at home, and apply the same thoughts to my life. My leadership role over my group and other people also changed me, as many people see me as a leader. This adventure completely changed me for the better.

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