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We are Un

We are unknown. We are unspoken. We are unappreciated. We are "un". We walk beside you every day, passing you in the hallways on the way to class, however, you do not know of us; we are unknown. As you raise your hand to speak or join the voices of the class as they come together in a response, we do not speak; we are unspoken. We hold the door for you and you pass us by, smiling with someone of importance; we are unappreciated. "Un" is the only way to describe people like us.

We are unhappy. We are underestimated. We are unresponsive. We wish to have a life of recognition that never comes; we are unhappy. On the rare occasion we do something we were thought not capable of doing, we are underestimated. As we take your cruel remarks without a reply, we are unresponsive. We are "un".

Please reach out to us. We hope to undo all of these things. Release us from un. Let us know that we are known, can speak with being heard, are appreciated, can be happy, are capable of great things, and that we have the power to respond and stand up for ourselves. Save us from "un". Save us from the fate of many children who've fallen to "un".

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