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By , Trivandrum , India

It's a funny thing, growing up. Teenage years are the years which I consider being the ultimate worst time of your life because it's like we just realized the world which we live in isn't all rainbows and ice cream. We discovered that there are things like depression, sadness, bullying, rapes, murder, stealing. Horrible crimes. We're forced to read the newspaper where there have been some extremely gruesome attacks. Some are so inhuman that we are forced to believe that only 25% of us are actually not psychopathic.

Some of us feel deeper emotions, but people say we don't feel it like adults. Adults.....ahh. They were like our close intimates, now they just seem distant. We used to do everything they tell us and sometimes be naughty and mischievous and they used to love it. Now the thing is that they don't love it anymore and we don't love it anymore. 

But for me, the world is too fascinating to mull over the wrongdoings of lonely miserable people. To me, I'd like to ponder over things that scientists still haven't figured out. I want to be everything. I want to write, read, discover, converse. My hero is my dad because I feel he knows everything. Even if I become a reckless, rebellious, rambunctious teenager I will always listen to my dad. I cannot stand without my mom, she is the ultimate inspiration for me. She taught me all she knew and mind you she knew a whole lot. She could have been a famous director but she decided to be my mom. This world is for us to live in and even if we do something incredible we are so tiny that it couldn't matter but we can still do extraordinary things that will make a change in this world. Be the change you want to see in this world - Gandhi

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