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St. Thomas: Life in Paradise

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I woke up to the sun streaming in through the spaces in the curtains. I looked at the clock; t was only 6:07. Perfect. I finally get some time to myself. I stretch, and tiptoe over to the sliding doors. I step out into the sun-encased balcony, and walk over to the railing. As I look out, I see that the sun is hidden behind one of the sparsely placed clouds. The rays spill over the edges of the fluffy cotton-ball, creating a halo around it. The horizon is a glowing orangey-yellow. Below that, the beautiful blue of the ocean contrasts with the colors of the sky. It’s too early, but the sea will soon turn into a gorgeous tropical turquoise. I can see two other islands from my view; one has lush, green trees, and the other has lots of tall buildings. I can see the trees waving in the wind, which whips my hair back and forth. I tie it up into a ponytail so I can see clearly. It’s not cold, even with the wind blowing every which way. It’s comfortable and warm, the heat given to me as a gift by the sun. I breathe in a deep breath of the fresh island air, and exhale with a smile. I love it here. I look over to my right and spot a palm tree. The coconuts are green, and not yet ready to fall. I see three birds flying together, and one dives into the water for food. It comes up with a fish, and the other two follow suite. I laugh as they playfully bump into each other, and then fly away. I turn around and sit down in one of the chairs behind me. As I gaze out into the unknown, I ask God to never, ever send me home; for this is my paradise.

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