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The Unforgettable Conference

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Finally I found it... but the butterflies did not stop in my stomach. The conference room was full of well dressed teenagers. I met many different people each one was more interesting than the other. I sat down but in no time I had to stand up and walk towards the microphone. I felt my heartbeat in my chest…

The room was big with many different patterns that covered the wall, similar to the embroidery of a dress and so were the chairs.

People were next to me, in front of me, behind me, they were everywhere. They all had their stories to tell, all their opinions were steaming out of their ears. I was alone.

The  first day I reached that room, I entered with fear and shyness but those people welcomed me immediately and soon my fear disappeared.

I spoke that day but somewhere I still had that fear in me, I had the courage to speak but was worried I would forget my points and make a fool out of myself but then I thought no, they don’t know me and if I make a mistake they won’t even remember it the next day. So I went, I spoke fluently with no fear and in no time I was done. It was a relief.

The next day, which was the second day of the conference was the best of and it was the longest too, it started at 9am and ended at 11:15pm. After I spoke, I got bombarded with messages from different delegates to become their allies. I felt proud, I felt happy and excited all at the same time. I was asked to ally with many big blocks but I could only chose one. I chose the group that had similar ideas to me, would agree with me and especially the block that would give me many opportunities to speak . Infact, that group proposed that I become their speaker. I accepted with no hesitation. Later on, I spoke again and again with a comfortable feeling and I was not alone anymore, I was with an alliance of about twenty five countries. It was a pleasure to speak and I made many, many friends that I shall keep contact with.  

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