The Time My Life Turned Upsidedown

February 27, 2017

I was comfortably resting on my back all tucked in and snug with a velvety blanket placed on top of me. I could stay in here forever, I thought to myself. Ironically, it was at that moment when the cracks of light spilled through into my cozy habitat. “What in the…?” Before you’d know it, I was forcefully picked up by unfamiliar hands.


A young lady with large framed glasses suddenly appeared right before my eyes.

“Excuse me, Missy, what in the world do you think you’re doing?!?! You have rudely awaken me from a peaceful dream of me napping in my case!” I complained. 

“Oh dear!” said the lady. “Someone sounds out of tune!”

“I am not out of tune” I said, I am----- and before I could say anything further, she was twisting my pegs around my scroll and plucking my strings along my wooden frame.

Then, I was tousled upside down and onto the lady’s shoulder when in mid air I noticed this small energetic child. It had a round face with eager eyes and a cheesy smile that displayed all of her baby teeth.

My vision was quite blurry from being upside down and all, but I got a sense where in the world I was. I was in a room, where it was much bigger and brighter than my dark, confined space in the case. There was a patterned carpet across the floor and glass windows that let even more light in. And to the left of me was the lady. The same lady who had twisted my pegs and plucked my strings was instructing all of these gestures and hand movements to the small child standing below her. It seemed to me that the child who was impatiently standing there didn't have a clue on how to hold me. It’s not like it's rocket science or anything.

Just moments later, it felt like I was on a whole new level, physically. It seemed like I was shorter than what I was before. It was at that moment where the child had placed me on her shoulder and began stroking furiously with my bow on my strings.

“AHHH, EEEEKKK, SHreeekk!!!!!!!” I whaled. 

“Practice makes perfect,” the lady said as she smiled wearily at the small child.

Although I'd much rather be sleeping in my case than listening to this child blast my eardrums out of my scroll, I thought to myself that unexpected experiences are the ones with the most promising adventures.

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