5 Stages of a Crush and How to Survive Them

February 26, 2017
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Stage 1: The Discovery
This is when you first discover your crush. This could be someone you already know or someone you never really noticed before. But there’s something about this special person that's positive and is popping out at you that you can't ignore. You have every good feeling imaginable. Birds will sing, you'll get butterflies in your stomach. You're just living in Cloud 9.

Survival Tip: Don't let your imagination run wild. Is it fun to have a crush? Sometimes yes, but you have to remember to screw the lightbulb back in and remind yourself that it could just be a phase.

Stage 2: The Spying Stage
This is where you want to know more without being obvious, but more importantly that you are not being deceived by yourself, or anything else for that matter. So you pull out the best research tools on the internet: Facebook and Instagram. You go through old posts and decipher their personality, being ever so careful to not like their posts or statuses.

Survival Tip: You will most definitely see something you do not really like, whether it is old pictures with exes or maybe with their current partner. It really is not worth getting mad over because an ex is someone they have moved past from, and if they have a current partner, maybe it’s time to keep looking. Also that they want to leave the past. Bringing up old flames won't get you far.

Stage 3: Show and Tell
When we like someone, who is better than your best friends to help confirm it is a match the stars will align for? This is where You seek confirmation that your crush will even be worth your time. Also your friends may know some secrets or some dirt about your crush that you absolutely NEED to know!

Survival Tip: Just because your friends say they do not agree, do not go throwing their opinions out the window. Especially if you believe they are jealous, just remember that your best friend only wants what is best for you, and they are going to be there if there is any falling out in your life. A best friend is absolutely, incredibly, and without a doubt, essential, and listening to them is equally necessary and beneficial.

Stage 4: Small Talk
Here we go! This is it. It is time to put your big girl pants on. The big moment that finally has come. (But in reality, it is not actually that big of a deal.) You are going to try talk to your crush! You might slip up and turn to mush like young Dr. Spencer Reid, but that is completely normal. You do not have to come right out and do it, and make a huge event out of it . Make little steps and take small opportunities to talk to them at first, and then you can start making strides in the relationship with deeper conversation.

Survival Tip: Confidence is key. This magical word is going to help you keep your cool, and impress your crush.

Stage 5: The Bachelorette Finale
There are two ways this can turn out. Your crush might like you back, and will want to take the relationship further. *Highfives self excitedly* Or they might want to just stay chill friends. And that’s perfectly okay too.

Survival Tip: No matter what happens life goes on, and if they do not see how amazing you are, they cannot see real beauty and potential, and are not worth your time. You will likely be upset at first, but life moves on and other crushes will come along. It is all about how you handle it at the end of the day. You do not need a crush to be complete!

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