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My mother named me Joy.  She named me to be a beacon of happiness, a continuation of a legacy, and a comfort to all around me.  I try to make my smiles light up a room filled with dark energy, to be a hopeful sword that others trust to save them.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be the dark energy sometimes as well.  It doesn’t mean that jealousy never builds up inside me, exploding out of my mouth like hot lava and burning every living soul around me to a crisp.  It doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t break, that I never fall to the ground with tears cascading from every part of me.  It doesn’t mean that I’ve lost any part of me that wasn’t pure Joy.  In fact, the other emotions are what make me.  The ocean of tears surrounding me is balanced out by my sunlight smiles.  And the fire is calmed by my waves of serenity.  I am an ecosystem.  And a name is merely a guideline.

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