November 23, 2016
By , Endicott, NY

My mind was once a safe and joyful place but now, it is a trap in which I feel imprisoned by the horrd words I hear, and thoughts that haunt my once merry place of a mind. Nowhere is safe, the world is my disaster waiting to happen. The deafening sounds of mockery and cruel, cruel phrases, enough to bring sorrow to my heart and tears to my eyes. All hope and joy is lost I am drowning in my fears, the thoughts in which I cannot escape. The universe is crumbling, I am falling down, down, down into a horrific, endless whorl of depressing emotions. Save me, rescue me anyone, for I am unable to be a savior to myself. The depths of which I have fallen seem to be projecting a single ray of light, maybe it's an illusion, or maybe I'm delusional, or maybe just maybe everything will turn out fine, maybe I am freed from this prison holding me captive. No it is just my imagination I am eternally lost, trapped and forgotten. I haven't a savior or hero in sight as I am ever so slowly being drained of faith, slowly losing everything that keeps me sane. I am nobody, no one at all. My heart constricts, I shatter and fall apart, bursting into heavy, uncontrollable sobs that wrack through my body, causing me to write with pain and agony. All that is left of my once happy soul is a faded, almost transparent bundle of an emotional missing soul.

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