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His name brings a smile to my face. His smile gives me butterflies. His eyes give me tingles all over. His hugs, make me feel safe. And his personality? That makes me want to fall in love all over again. Everything about him makes me feel something I have yet to experience. He was my first love.

Most people say, "First love dies hard," and yet, we lasted nearly 2 years. But, here's the catch, our love was a lie, it did die hard. He made me feel special, and now that's gone. He stuck with me, through the hardships, and I thought everything we went through made us stronger.

I loved the memories, and the notes, and the teddy bear. Very cliche, right? Memories, notes, and a teddy bear. But here's the thing, I was in love with you, only you. And yet, I wasn't the one you were in love with.

I was a tornado, and you were a volcano. We were destruction, we were chaos. We thought we understood each other, we really did, but it just wasn't meant to be. We mixed, we created a greater chaos. We were a greater destruction, together.

And it just, wasn't meant to be. Want to know something?
After you left, I saw all that anger that was bubbled up inside of me. I saw all that chaos. I saw all that..destruction.

And believe me, it wasn't nice. It

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