Revisiting Children's Day at My School

November 14, 2016
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The words children’s day brings out a whole lot of memories in me. Children’s day in India is celebrated on November 14th every year in the memory of our first Prime Minister PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU.

Nehruji (ji is a respectful term used for elders) had lot of affection towards children and there were many occasions in which he displayed his love towards children. So in his memory his birth date November 14th is celebrated as children’s day.

Children’s Day is something every student looks forward during their schooling days. It was the time where teachers would do something special for children. There would always be a discussion right from a week before children’s day as to what each teacher would be doing on that day.

I remember that once we sneaked  into the teachers practising room to spy on what they were doing but before we could note anything we were caught and sent back to class(thank God we escaped punishment).Every time our guesses would be sent for a toss as nothing as we expected would be done on Children’s day. The teachers of our school were very secretive and they would present so amazing and wonderful things on that day that our hands would become soar by constant clapping during their performances. The teacher’s took many efforts to enact some scenes of our class and it would amaze us to how did they observe these minute things of students. But then of course they were our teachers, always the best.

We had several competitions on that day and any number of students could take part in it. We had great fun in all those competitions. The teachers of our school would also organise canteens were great food was served to us at a very minimal costs and all the money collected would go to charity. Now thinking back I realise how our teachers made us realise all the values of life without actually teaching them but by implementing them and involving us in all such activities.

We as students would never ever forget the wonderful memories we gathered on Children’s day. Of course in our school every day was a Children’s day but on November 14th we were showered with extra love and affection.

I really would like to thank all my beloved teachers at school for giving me wonderful memories on children’s day. If not for all their constant love, support and encouragement we would never be where we are now.    

Not only in our in our school entire India will celebrate children’s day. Each and every village, town and city celebrates children’s day by organizing many cultural activities for children and the winners would be awarded on that day. Many films for children would be screened for free on children’s day. There will also be many international film makers coming to our country on that day to screen their films for children.

Remembering all this on this wonderful day –“CHILDREN’S DAY”.

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