A Lifetime of Experience

October 5, 2016
By Slav.Sloth BRONZE, Lomita, California
Slav.Sloth BRONZE, Lomita, California
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Call of Duty 1, GTA Liberty City Age 5. I have started something great. I get a computer and play cheap point and click games. I understand how things work. Plane games Off roading games. I learn a sense of direction and travel. Microsoft office at the age of 6. I learn the basics of computer software. I get a laptop. I download Games and learn about the gaming life. I learn to code files. Computer class in middle school. Games become advanced and same with my knowledge. I can now create art and replace aspects of a game to change how colors look and how sounds hear. Servers come into play. I understand servers and addresses. How numbers work in computers and through the world all around us. Connecting one computer to another becomes very simple now. An upgrade happens. I enter the world of digital art. Film is my gateway drug. Camera angles, script writing, filters, settings and emotion, the whole nine yards, I got it down. I start to make films on my own, but never post them to people. Soley my own entertainment. I begin graphic design. I upgrade to a desktop with much better hardware and software. A desktop cluttered with Application for photo and film editing. Files full of photos, short scenes and scripts. One file full of advanced games to mod to my delight. Code commands and file types to move around. The price of a free movie. I learn to download things like $60 games or movies and music; Even books. I learn about the hardware in the hardware, It gets in depth. Graphics cards CPUs and mobility. This is all an art that is hard to learn. College opens up photography. I am offered jobs to create a logo. Money! I see how this will work. My friend in photography for his fifth year now want to start a business. This creates opportunities for me but at the same time major expenses are needed. Photography classes for college are needed for me and photo editing for him. A look at me cart on amazon smacks me in the face. 13” super notebook $2000; Canon camera $1500; tripods $150 each; and smaller accessories. This life cost a lot but it pays a lot as well.

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