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In Search of...My Mind

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                             IN SEARCH OF…..MY MIND

Every human has got the ability to think. This ability to think is called Mind. Usually people get confused with mind and brain. They say that mind is situated in the topmost part of the body. But that’s not the truth. The organ situated in the head region is brain and not the mind. Brain is a structure which has a definite shape whereas the mind is formless. It doesn’t possess a physical character. Actually Mind is indescribable. Our thinking is mind but mind is something beyond our thinking. Imagination is mind but mind is unimaginable. Mind can be our mental capacity. Brain may be controlling our body, but what controls our brain is the mind.

There is no person in the world who knows everything and no person who knows nothing. Every individual has a mind. It is the most abundant gift given by god. Mind is the fastest. Speed of our mind is faster than the speed of light. Light may take several hours or days to reach a very distant place where the mind reaches in milliseconds. Mind can be used as a weapon to attack or an armor to defend. Mind can become poison to kill or nectar to save. It is the way we use this gift given by god.

I am in search of my mind. I need the mind for my survival because it is the one which gives me the ability to face the world. My brain without my mind is like a lock without key or the reverse way, like an ocean without water and many more couplets which are incomplete without each other. Earlier when I used to be in the classes usually mind would say “I am distracted; I can’t listen anymore”. One day found its presence sweet when it said “Come on friend, let’s listen to the lectures. We don’t have time to get distracted.” When the mind was in form, I felt like I was in heaven.

Sometimes the mind is distracted. It may get distracted by various means but we have to integrate it and focus it on a point to accomplish our aims and targets. The truth is I was distracted and was unable to complete this article for weeks because I’d lost my mind somewhere deep in the well of distractions. Now I could complete this article as I found my mind and pulled it out from that well using a pulley of inspiration and a rope of hope.

I came to a conclusion that mind can be a key; a key to open the lock of the doors behind which exists a new world. When our senses, our heart and our mind coordinate with each other, the key(mind) rotates the key hole of the lock and opens the doors wide open leading us into a new world where we can live a happy and peaceful life.

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